Love And Lust: A Four Letter Word Often Misused
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Love And Lust: A Four Letter Word Often Misused

Love is hard to find when it's confused with lust. This article is about how I view love now and how it should be viewed.

Love And Lust: A Four Letter Word Often Misused

This topic is really personal to me for reasons I don't even know why because I have buried the reason so deep in my brain and have yet to debunk it but the effects of it has re-molded my views on relationships and friendships with the opposite sex. Vary rarely will I ever address a friendship with a girl using the term love because it can often lead to miscommunication resulting in intentions that aren't mutual. The times i do use the term love it comes from a genuine place because I see the damage that can be caused by not using it with intentions. Often times we as humans we confuse love with lust and the result is broken hearts, and broken trust.

The lust or love question is always something I ask myself before I ever address my feelings toward someone of the opposite sex. I have been in situations where I felt one way about the situation and she felt another and it ultimately built a wall to shield myself from being hurt again.

The use of the word love should often times be replaced with the word lust based on the way the relationship presents itself and how it resulted. True love is never bitter, always kind, and everlasting. Anything other than that is pure lust. There is no other way to put it. You can't say hurtful things out of love, or use degrading names toward someone you love. I see so many couples in situations I would never want to be in and often times its because they confused love for lust. It's not love if he wants to get in your pants before exploring your mind. Remember that.

When people try to apply pressure to finding the perfect one. I often find they shut up when you tell them the shack life if the life for you especially if they're a christian. Heaven forbid the saints hear that they might drown you in holy water when they couldn't keep their marriage bed pure themselves. I don't condone it nor do I knock it, to me, every situation is a special situation and that's between two people not the public.

Getting back to the core of this I think love should be used with discretion and trust me when the time comes to use it you will know or at least thats what i've heard. Im probably gonna be single for life with dogs instead of cats so basically a modern day bougie dog man. Why? Im a hopeless romantic who's always classy never trashy but i'm fluent in ratchet.

Stay Classy!



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