Love and Bruises: The Closure I Needed to Move On

Love and Bruises: The Closure I Needed to Move On

It takes different people various ways to cope and deal.

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To the One I Loved,

You've hurt me. More than words could possibly say. What we had was real and sweet and pure bliss, and now when I think of you, I feel anger and hurt. What we had has been tarnished and stomped on, diminished to nothing but empty words and promises, lies and manipulations. Tears won't make it better so I will not bother crying. Does she love you as I did? Does she hold you as you cry and wipe away your tears? Does she push you to do better than your best? Does she know every color that swirls in your eyes? Does she know what your favorite war was? Does she know what you're most passionate about? Has she listened to you speak in your native language and thought how incredibly sexy it was; how cool it'd be to learn it? Would she become choked with emotion at the thought of losing you? Does she watch you as you sleep and feel that overwhelming burst of love? Have you two done nothing at all on a lazy Sunday and felt completely and perfectly at home, just as you were?

The answers to these questions do not matter, for I won't be there when you realize how very little she means to you. Though I am hurt by you, I do not regret our time spent together. You loved me for a time and it was as magical as magic gets in our bleak reality. You taught me many things about love, life, myself, and others, lessons that I wouldn't trade not knowing you for. I hope you find love and happiness and that whoever she is, she will love you even half as much as I loved you. One day, I will be able to think of you, see your name, read your posts, without feeling so, so sad. For now, I will unfollow, unfriend, and do whatever else I need to do to move on and mend my heart. In another life, we could've been beautiful together, but this is the life we live, and the hand we've been dealt. This is my letter to you, and I hope you read it and learn from it, so that the next girl you love will be appreciated, respected, and very happy.

You will always hold a special place in my heart,

The One That Got Away

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