Love & Betrayal, A Journey To Finding Oneself

Love & Betrayal, A Journey To Finding Oneself

Who are we?

Take a deep breath…. Close your eyes…


…release your breath and at the same moment, imagine yourself taking a deep dive into your pool of consciousness.

Swimming around your mind, amongst your vast memories that constitutes both happiness and sadness. You swim by memories both small and big, significant and insignificant…and perhaps, tragic memories in which the perfection of all those timed tragedies creates beauty in its form. The struggle. And the realization that love and betrayal are not a faraway concept but a concept so similar to each other that it is almost touching.

Love. Perhaps it is not such a small thing. And perhaps it is not big as well. Your love for that person was big but to that person your love was small. You thought that love was only towards your families and to your significant other…that that is love. But love wasn’t something with a great purpose but was a collection of small actions in your lives—those small interactions you made throughout your lives.

The numerous tears of sadness and joy you have shed. The numerous times you have listened to others’ sorrows and their joy. The numerous actions you took not for yourself but for the sake of others even if it was some small act of opening a door for a lady - that seemingly insignificant common etiquette.

But then you realize as you go through each memory and moment of yours—that those small memories of yours holds the very premise of what humanity is: an existence of love. And then at that moment, you realize the meanings of all your past memories—the meanings of your humanity; you realize that you lived a life full of love. And in that realization, no longer empty promises and betrayal be such significance, despite those empty promises and betrayal being part of your memories.

And then… you see the light and reach the end of your swim.

You pull yourself out of your ponderance.

Open your eyes and freeing yourself from your blindness of closing your eyes.

You see a vision of bright light in your reality (because you have closed your eyes for far too long).

Take a deep breathe…

And now release…

And at the same time you realize who you were…that the memories led you to realize that you have lived a life full of love and your life is continuing.

You finally find yourself. That you are a beautiful person who has lived a life full of love. And that you are a person of love.

So when life is hard…

When you convince yourself that you have experienced empty promises and betrayals. Whatever it may be…

Remember, yes, those empty promises and betrayals will become part of your memories…That’s it.

They will become your memories: nothing more or…nothing less.

But these memories are not tragedies or a curse, but a building block towards you finding yourself.

Towards the realization that YOU…are a beautiful person of love.

Cover Image Credit: pixabay

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The Truth About Young Marriage

Different doesn't mean wrong.

When I was a kid, I had an exact picture in my mind of what my life was going to look like. I was definitely not the kind of girl who would get married young, before the age of 25, at least.

And let me tell you, I was just as judgmental as that sentence sounds.

I could not wrap my head around people making life-long commitments before they even had an established life. It’s not my fault that I thought this way, because the majority opinion about young marriage in today’s society is not a supportive one. Over the years, it has become the norm to put off marriage until you have an education and an established career. Basically, this means you put off marriage until you learn how to be an adult, instead of using marriage as a foundation to launch into adulthood.

When young couples get married, people will assume that you are having a baby, and they will say that you’re throwing your life away — it’s inevitable.

It’s safe to say that my perspective changed once I signed my marriage certificate at the age of 18. Although marriage is not always easy and getting married at such a young age definitely sets you up for some extra challenges, there is something to be said about entering into marriage and adulthood at the same time.

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Getting married young does not mean giving up your dreams. It means having someone dream your dreams with you. When you get lost along the way, and your dreams and goals seem out of reach, it’s having someone there to point you in the right direction and show you the way back. Despite what people are going to tell you, it definitely doesn’t mean that you are going to miss out on all the experiences life has to offer. It simply means that you get to share all of these great adventures with the person you love most in the world.

And trust me, there is nothing better than that. It doesn’t mean that you are already grown up, it means that you have someone to grow with.

You have someone to stick with you through anything from college classes and changing bodies to negative bank account balances.

You have someone to sit on your used furniture with and talk about what you want to do and who you want to be someday.

Then, when someday comes, you get to look back on all of that and realize what a blessing it is to watch someone grow. Even after just one year of marriage, I look back and I am incredibly proud of my husband. I’m proud of the person he has become, and I’m proud of what we have accomplished together. I can’t wait to see what the rest of our lives have in store for us.

“You can drive at 16, go to war at 18, drink at 21, and retire at 65. So who can say what age you have to be to find your one true love?" — One Tree Hill
Cover Image Credit: Sara Donnelli Photography

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If Shonda Can Do A Year Of Yes, Then So Can I



A few years ago, Shonda Rimes decided to do a year of saying yes, after her sister told her she says "No" to everything. It ended up changing her life.

So, I've decided to embark on my own year of yes.

Sure, it may be easy to say yes to everything when you're a millionaire with a bunch of record-setting televisions shows, but the rest of us can do it too.

Say yes to treating yourself.

Say yes to taking care of yourself.

Say yes to saying no, don't stretch yourself too thin.

Say yes to new opportunities

The year of yes is about taking better care of yourself.

My year of yes starts right now.

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