What Is Love?

Love. By the formation of the word upon your tongue, a beating red heart more than likely appeared in your mind. If it wasn’t a heart, maybe it was a special somebody. It could have been family, friends, or even an animal. I am sure you experienced a slight warming sensation by thinking of the effects of love. You felt comforted, possibly held by the memories associated with the word. Memories are able to bring back the good and the bad occasions. The ones where you’re full of joy and happiness and also the ones where you are broken and beat down. However, when the word ‘love’ is spoken, we associate it with a feeling or event.

As a society that likes things fast and compacted, we are used to tagging things on to other meanings. To be able to actually understand the meaning of a word, we must first slow down and take it from its core. Love is mistaken as a description or adjective. In reality, love is an action. This action then leads to a feeling or emotion that can be easily accessed. By accessing this feeling, we turn the word love into the feeling itself.

Since love is an action, what things can fall under this category? Nobody can tell you how to love and there are no standards to love; so then how can we decipher what is truly love and what is not? Biblically, we are told how to love. We are told of the selfless acts being able to love includes. Although that might spell it out, it can never be determined down to the core. Love is a feel-your-way type of action. Everybody is different, but we are all in need of it.

Love is such a powerful word that it should excite you just to say it. To express your love to another being is an invitation for that person to join your life. It can be a word of appreciation, desire, and dedication. Love is telling your significant other how happy they make you. It is taking the time to listen instead of talk. To be a society that loves, it starts with a person. This person spreads it to another that spreads it to another. Before we know if, we have a society that loves. A community that can think of those before they think of themselves, is a community worth living. We are all a community, let’s start this movement together. Let’s act into which we love, and love into which we act.
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