Losing Weight Doesn't Mean You Hate Your Body
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Losing Weight Doesn't Mean You Hate Yourself, It Means You Love Yourself Enough To Improve Your Body

Dieting and weight loss are often connected to harmful issues of low self-esteem and eating disorders. While many do suffer from these terrible diseases, not every person wanting to get into shape is doing it because of a toxic mentality.

Losing Weight Doesn't Mean You Hate Yourself, It Means You Love Yourself Enough To Improve Your Body

Dieting gets a bad wrap in the media.

If it's not seen in late night magic protein shakes or a magic diet plan sponsored by a C list celebrity, then it's the topic of soap operas and investigations on the news. Everyone wants to lose weight, but this wish is often perceived as a sign of self-hatred and mental illness. Oftentimes after hard times or drama, a person will begin working out or dieting to create change in their life.

The fat positivity movement has encouraged women and men to accept themselves at whatever size they are at. While this helps an entire population of women who are satisfied with their weight, individuals who do decide to improve their health can feel isolated and insecure.

I think fat positivity is a great thing. As someone who has never and will never be a stick thin sized 00, finally being told that having curves is beautiful and valid is a huge relief. I'm proud of every stretch mark and scar, and I hope I can encourage others to feel the same way.

At different times in my life, I have tried with varying levels of conviction to lose weight and become more healthy. I've tried almost every diet plan out there, and there's not a workout I haven't at least attempted. In my most recent attempts I've regularly faced a backlash from well-meaning loved ones.

"I thought you were happy with the way you look?" Is a popular question I get.

A common comment is: "you're going to look so good!"

Both are equally disheartening. While neither are meant to hurt me, they do.

I am happy with how I look. It's taken decades of tears and frustration, but I've learned to love every inch of my body. That said, I always try to push my mind, and I want to push my body as well.

I've recently really enjoyed yoga, and I've appreciated how it's made me strong and limber. It's tempting to crave the infamous 'yoga butt', but I'm happy with the progress I have made. For one, I can put my hands flat on the ground while touching my toes, which is something I've never done before.

I'm not learning yoga to be more attractive or to fit into any stereotype made for me. I have bad hips and stretching helps and yoga benefits my mental health as well as my physical. Nothing really pushed me to start practicing besides the ache in my hips and curiosity.

Just because I want to improve myself doesn't mean I don't love myself.

Someone who truly cares for their body wants the best for it. I want to be healthy and happy. The same would be true if I decided to pick up running, or swimming, or any other activity. Just because sometimes I pick fruit over fries doesn't mean I'm too obsessed with my weight, just like getting a milkshake doesn't mean I've given up.

Life isn't black and white. We live in a million shades of grey that depend upon comprise and personal wants.

If you are satisfied with how you look, amazing. If you want to dedicate yourself to losing weight, amazing.

Instead of judging, we should support one another for whatever each other decides, and to surround them with love and support.

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