'Lose You To Love Me' Literally Saved Me

'Lose You To Love Me' Literally Saved Me

Thank you, Selena, for saying all the things I couldn't say.


Selena Gomez's new single shocked the world in minutes as it was released just yesterday. It is called "Lose You to Love Me." I listened to it for the first time today, and I was in tears.

It is such a beautiful song, and I can easily feel her emotions through her words. The piano accompanied the feelings so very well, and I think that made my tears worse. Thank you, Selena. A job well done.

I have not heard her sing in so long. I used to follow Selena when she was a part of The Scene, back when she was still hanging around Disney. I grew out of her for a while, but this song changed everything.

Supposedly, "Lose You to Love Me" is about Selena's old relationship with Justin Bieber that was extremely toxic. They were together for a while, on and off. They went through honeymoon phases and fights throughout the years. Finally, they called it quits for good; however, Bieber moved on to Hailey Baldwin-Bieber two months later, as said in the lyrics.

I loved hearing her story, and she showed a lot of courage for calling him out directly. What I love about this song the most is that Selena said all the things I couldn't say when I was going through my own toxic relationship with my ex.

She sang the words I couldn't spit out; she gave me the strength I never had, I was too afraid. I was in the dark for a while and I never told anyone. He burned my forest, too, because it wasn't his. When he wasn't in the spotlight, he'd put me down and he'd blame me for his mistakes or failures. I wanted to believe he was good because I adored him, but he wasn't who I thought he was.

I had to lose him in order for me to love myself again.

Selena's song literally saved me, and I'm sure it has saved a lot of other girls as well. This song can actually relate to anyone going through something toxic like this. The tears were so real, and now I can't stop listening to it.

When you get a chance, please listen to Selena Gomez's new single, "Lose You to Love Me," available anywhere, from Spotify to YouTube/Vevo.

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