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Looking For Something To Watch?

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Looking For Something To Watch?

There’s this show on tv which is soon coming to a close, and I, of course, have just begun watching it.

That’s right ladies and gents, I’m talking about the one and only Game Of Thrones.

Before I began binge-watching the show like it’s my new religion, I had only seen bits and pieces of a few episodes and in those moments, I wasn’t all that impressed because I had already missed so much that I was utterly lost and confused. Now that I have begun watching the series from the very beginning I love it. It draws you in like nothing else and is currently my new favorite show.

This made me begin thinking about what my coworkers enjoy watching so during a lull at work I asked them about what they watch and why. Here are there responses.

1. American Pickers

"This show offers a vast amount of knowledge on an array of objects. I find it very interesting, the way in which the value of an object, the way in which things are made, has vastly decreased over recent years."

2. Long Island Medium

“Because dead people talk to me in my dreams.”

3. No television for me.

"I don’t really watch tv all that much. I’m much more of an outdoorsy girl, myself."

4. A little bit of everything

"I’m really into Reign and The Office at the moment, along with Disjointed because it's pretty funny."

5. Roseanne... the new one

"I watch it because I watched the original and I found it funny."

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