What Is Beauty?
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What Is Beauty?

Look at 'beauty' through the eyes of 7 women in college representing nations from around the world.

What Is Beauty?
Photos Courtesy of: DeMaree Scobey

Beauty is a notion that the whole world is fascinated with. We all want to know who is the most beautiful, how to be the most beautiful, and what is the most beautiful. Unfortunately, secular culture has created a very narrow definition of beauty that has severely limited our perspectives on beauty .

To broaden your thoughts and ideas about beauty, we ask 7 college women representing 10 diverse cultures, "What is, or isn't, Beauty?"

Valeriia Kashina - Russia

"For me, there are three concepts of beauty that exist separately: first, the beauty of physical appearance; second, the beauty of the soul and mind; and third, the beauty of creation and its complexity. For example, I can first look at someone and determine whether or not I find them physical attractive. However, it is only after spending time talking to them that I can begin to see the beauty of their mind and soul, which should consist mainly of purity, kindness, bravery, warm-heartedness, and sincerety. This is beauty for me. But sometimes, I happen to see the beauty of creation in general, which does not deal with physical or even inner beauty. It is more of the realization how much work has been put into human beings, and this idea amazes me and allows me to different angles of beauty in all living creatures."

Caroline Nazir - Egypt

"It's a hard question, and I feel like there are many meanings. But for the most part, beauty is what looks different, because not everything can look beautiful. But there are things that you just see and say, WOW. I can say that, 'This is a beautiful person, or, that's a beautiful house!' and the only thing in common is that they are different. So, not being beautiful is not being different or being the same as anything else."

DeSaree' Scobey - Spain

"Beauty is something that the eyes can't see and is within us all. Some people have told me that I am beautiful because of my heritage. But what does that mean? I want people to appreciate the beauty of culture simply because all culture is different and unique, and God made it that way. Beauty is not something that can be bought in stores. It is something that you say you have humbly because of what you carry within. When you do that, people will also be able to see it."

Makeda Rose - Jamaica

"In a society where 'beauty' is separate from 'ethnic,' it is refreshing to see that people appreciate the original beauty that in many cases is taken apart, piece by piece, to create a fake, plastic image of today's false idols."

Jinnie Choi - Korea

"Beauty is not seen through the naked eye, but is seen through heavens eye. It is one's character and personality, not the defining of one's image. I believe beauty is seen in the weakness of each person and seen through the person's actions in their brokenness. It is the combination of the heart and the discipline of the mind and the humility of the person."

Angela Pachanian - Armenia

"Sometimes it is hard fully believing that one is beautiful when they are bombarded with fake standards from outside sources. It is a struggle at times, especially as a woman, to be constantly compared to artificial interpretations of beauty and still remaining confident. Beauty is about individuality, being unique— the way you were born and embracing it. It might sound cliché but the truth cannot be denied, beauty comes from within. Your beliefs, personality, and character shape your beauty. Inner beauty fills the air with positivity that can be so infectious making an uplifting difference in those around you. Inner beauty always radiates beyond false standards of "outer" beauty. What is "outer" beauty? Honestly, no one should have the right in defining how all should look when we are all uniquely and purposely created to fulfill a specific mission for the overall good. Beauty is not anything that is a harm or a threat to the well-being of oneself or another."

Jasmine Kolano (author) - Singapore, Poland

"Beauty isn't something you're given, it's something you cultivate. I believe that a person who is truly beautiful has cultivated the ability to see the beauty in others. If someone is outwardly beautiful, but so self-consumed they fail to see value in other people and to cultivate their talents to help others, then what is the point? If they do not add beauty to society with their words and actions, nor encourage and inspire people who are down and out, then their 'beauty' has gone to waste. Everyone should know that they are beautiful in their own, God-given way, and it is an asset that is utilized for the greater good. Genuine beauty starts with loving God and loving people and loving life. Then it becomes about being passionate about what you do and using that to create better lives for other people. When you live a beautiful life, you shine. You immediately become different from everyone else. I think we should all seek to be beautiful people. "

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