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20 Things To Look Forward To At Ohio State

The adventures are endless.

20 Things To Look Forward To At Ohio State
Jesze Doleh

Whether you are a first year or an upperclassman, there is so much to look forward to this year.

1. Mirror Lake

The new renovations have made the lake the perfect place to spend time.

2. Football games

You cannot help but feel the pride of being a Buckeye.

3. The view from Thompson's 11th floor

Even the construction cannot change how amazing this view is.

4. RPAC group fitness classes

Free workout classes are better than ones you paid for.

5. Sloopys

The best place to get milkshakes and breakfast food.

6. Dogs everywhere

Walking around campus almost guarantees at least one pupper along the way.

7. Flicks for Free

Free movies are the best when you do not know what to do on a Wednesday night.

8. Guest speakers

Campus brings in amazing people from all over and it is usually free.

9. Clubs

There is one for everybody.

10. DTix

Who doesn't like discounted tickets?

11. Outdoor Adventure Center

To fulfill your outdoor needs even if its just rock climbing.

12. Rivalry with Michigan


Campus transforms to show our dislike of the state up north.

13. Wildlife

Gotta love all the squirrels and birds.

14. Union

Something is always happening here.

15. Gateway

From new movies to old, this is the place to go.

16. Concerts

Music makes everybody feel better.

17. Breaks

Designated days to not have to go to class, what could be better?

18. Free stuff

Walking around campus people will randomly offer you free items.

19. Olentangy Trail

Even if you are not a runner, the trail is a beautiful place to hangout.

20. Independence 

Not being at home lets you decide what you want to do.

There is more than just this list to look forward to. Hopefully, this will get you thinking of all the fun things to do when you are not in class.

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