A Look Back: 90's Feminism

A Look Back: 90's Feminism

Powerpuff Girls, TLC, Matilda, the list goes on!

Strong, independent, and resilient women. That is all the media has to give social masses today to show females, worldwide, that discrimination, men, and gender differences should not matter in their run for success. And that they should run for success. For when one looks back on last decade's media, they were all rampant with men and women falling at their feet; women being objectified and measured not by their potential, but their attractiveness and suitability to become a spouse. A woman cannot be successful if she can't marry. Today's media, is still shivering off those misogynistic shackles. However, a look back in the 1990's shows that these shackles have been already shaken in the past.

For example, popular girl groups such as TLC, the Spice Girls, and Salt-N-Pepa were prime idols for all girls to look up to by introducing global anthems preaching girl power through songs like "No Scrubs" and "None of Your Business." Other notable mentions include the breakthrough of female rappers like Missy Elliot and Lil Kim.

Another venue for girl empowerment that came about in the 90's were television shows. At this level of media, children were the most affected by what was presented to them as they are the most impressionable viewers. While most television shows were dominated by male protagonists, there were some shows out there like the Powerpuff Girls, Daria, and Buffy, which showed the women could be as sarcastic, and powerful as their male counterparts.

An honorable mention in this category is a character from the show, Rugrats. If anyone can recall, Angelica's mom, Charlotte Pickles, she was the epitome of female power; somewhat insane, she was a workaholic powerhouse whose stern nature sometimes blinds viewers from truly appreciating what she stood for: female power. Fun fact: she was a CEO of a business.

Lastly, in literature - there are countless of women heroines to look up to. While today's society mimics the past in its vast lists of female protagonists, only a few truly make the mark - most fall for the trap of discovering the wonders of the 'dark, beautiful, broody, handsome' boy and become weak and dependent upon his introduction. Notable mentions in this category are characters from the book, Matilda - Matilda, and Jennifer Honey. The former is intelligent and driven, while the latter shows that even the gentle woman has the power to make changes and perseverance to push through obstacles. Another mention, who almost missed the mark, is Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter series. Through her, we also see intelligence outweighing beauty.

If today's media can help change the story of women being more than sexualized objects, if media can eradicate the need for sex appeal to be a prerequisite for success, then maybe the young girls of today can grow to become more.

Maybe today's girls can reach self-actualization is beyond the borders of beauty and conformist precautions.

Cover Image Credit: Time Out

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