13 Reasons Why I Hate 13 Hour Shifts

Work can be a tedious task for most, in general, especially when shifts are longer than the standard eight-hours. Here are thirteen reasons why I hate my too common thirteen-hour shifts.

1. Unlucky number

The number thirteen is supposedly an unlucky number, so before work even starts, the long shift ahead is a vestige that it's not going to be fun.

2. Receiving remorse

Whether it be customers or coworkers, their apologetic reaction when they realize you're working thirteen hours just reinforces how much you don't want to be doing this.

3. Asking for favors

"Mom, could you please bring me my phone charger and a cup of coffee?" Being trapped in a place so long makes help from the outside world essential.

4. Calf cramps

Standing on your feet, as most jobs require for thirteen hours straight is a set-up for not only mental pain during the shift but physical, too.

5. Hearing other people complain

Sorry you didn't want to work the closing shift, Becky, but I'd take that six hour shift any day over this.

6. Breaking up the time

Clock in. Okay, I just have to get through three, four-hour shifts then work an additional hour. That's not awful, right?

7. Looking like a mess by the end of your shift

Dirty shirt, messy hair, and makeup a mess is bound to be the end result.

8. Having to stay a minute past 

It's one thing if someone wants help right when I'm supposed to be leaving on a normal day, but don't think for one second I'll stay half a second past when I'm supposed to leave.

9. Boredom 

By the point where there are only a few hours left, so much was able to already be done due to being there all day, there's not a lot left to do to entertain yourself.

10. People asking to hang out 

Sorry, I can't hang out, I'm working. All day. When I eventually do get home, there will be zero energy left to hang out.

11. Tax

Obviously, a tax is taken out paychecks. When I work other shifts, I don't usually care, as taxes are of importance to cities. Although during thirteen-hour shifts, I want to make every dollar I worked for, without tax taken out. I mean, do we really need new roads? Okay, yes, I'm just tired.

12. Listening to music 

Everyone loves music, but thirteen-hour shifts make me hear my Spotify playlist songs so many times, to the point where now I only associate them with work.

13. The drive home

The drive home after a thirteen-hour shift almost feels as long as the shift itself.

No one enjoys working long shifts, but there are reasons why thirteen-hour shifts are the worst.

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