Long Hair Problems That Both Girls and Guys Have

Long Hair Problems That Both Girls And Guys Have

I'm not lazy I swear!


Let's talk about hair. It can be short, long, put up, styled, straight or curly. The possibilities are endless. I have long, coarse hair. It is wavy and on the thicker side. My hair has always been a struggle. It has been long for the majority of my life. I have had it cut short twice in the eighteen years I've been alive.

I typically get stuck to one or two hairstyles. I usually go for a ponytail or messy bun, but over the past few months, I've been wearing it down more often. I'm too lazy to straighten or curl it. I would braid it, but I don't know how to do anything else other than a simple three-strand, side braid.

I just have too much of it to deal with it, resulting in basic styles. I don't know if I'm just lazy, or if long hair is a problem. Here are a few problems that come with having long hair.

1. One word: shedding

Shedding is the worst part of having long hair. I have found hairs literally everywhere. I hate getting out of the shower and feel a hair on my leg or back, but to know where it really is.

2. It can get heavy

It really is a shame. I love my ponytails high, but in order to keep them high, the ponytail needs to be extra tight, giving me a headache. I have a headache from my ponytail right now.

3. It always gets tangled

No matter how much I cut off the ends, my hair ends up tangled and knotted. I could brush it thoroughly and five minutes later it can get tangled.

4. It gets caught on everything

It gets caught on my earrings, nails, chairs, clothing racks, rings, and watches. You get the picture.

All in all, I love my hair. I may have good days and bad days, but I will probably never cut it all off.

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