10 Things You Should Remember To Do If You're In A Long Distance Relationship
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10 Things You Should Remember To Do If You're In A Long Distance Relationship

Sometimes going a week without seeing someone can be hard, but imagine three months as the normal time apart.

Mikaela Cok
Mikaela Cok

With how many people there are in the world, it is becoming more common to meet people from places not so close to you... Maybe you knew them from a place you lived before but moved away, or maybe you met online... Either way, long distances relationships take a lot more than cute good morning texts and flowers to keep it going strong.

1.Talk to each other as often as you can

Yes, everyone has their busy life duties they have to attend to every day (job, school, maybe even sleep), but if you're serious about the long distance relationship you're in then make time for your partner, just as in any relationship "not having time" for someone is the worst excuse in the book. Even if its just texting and maybe every other night face timing for a bit.

2. Set date(s) you can look forward too

Schedule a night where you'll have a long phone conversation for hours, make estimated or for sure dates when you'll be able to see each other next. That way on the hard days you can say you only have XX days until you see them again. Hang in there!

3. Write letters

As old-fashioned as it may seem, there is something exciting and fun about sending a love letter to your partner. Maybe it's the fact they took the time to write out their feelings towards you, or maybe it's nice to have a sort of physical piece of them sent to you in a sense.

4. Send gifts

Now when I say "gifts," it does not have to be a PlayStation or new wireless headphones every time (save that stuff for birthdays) instead send little meaningful things such as a picture of you, their favorite candy, or even a pair of socks, just to let them know you're thinking about them, and trust me they will smile and remember it forever.

5. Stay positive about your relationship

When you don't get to see someone a lot it is really easy to question things and get down on the relationship because you don't have the contact like you should. A computer screen can never replace a hug... But try to remember not to worry too much and trust the person you're with. It isn't easy, but it most definitely can be worth it.

6. Treat your relationship as if you lived down the street from each other

Distance means absolutely nothing when you're with someone you genuinely care about. 2,000 miles or 2 miles, treat your relationship with as much respect as you would if it wasn't long distance. This will help build trust and a stronger bond, especially if one day that 2,000 miles turns into 0 miles.

7. Find new ways to have dates

Obviously, you can't go out to dinner or a movie every Friday night, so to compensate for losing those precious memories, make new ones! For example, when you FaceTime you don't just have to sit there and talk, have dinner together or watch the same movie together. Sure it definitely won't be as fun, but for the time being it is the closest you can come to being together.

8. Always talk on the phone when important conversations come up

Texting is good for casual conversation, but never I repeat NEVER use text to have serious conversations. Since you don't always have the ability to talk in person, talk over the phone. Text messages almost always get misinterpreted and ends up making things confusing, or can cause someone to get upset unnecessarily.

9. Make sure you have good wifi

Even if you have unlimited data, you might not have the best reception. So make sure when you're having those FaceTime dates you have good reception because it's just annoying when that screen pops up that says "FaceTime unavailable."

10. Constantly give each other words of confirmation

Being in a long distance relationship means you lose one of the biggest aspects of relationships, physical contact... In any relationship, you should always give words of confirmation and security, but it is absolutely necessary to do it as often as possible while at a long distance. It is much easier to have fears and worries when apart for so long.

Long distance can be extremely challenging, but definitely not impossible, and well worth it.

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