My Best Friend Goes To School 117 Miles Away

My Best Friend Goes To School 117 Miles Away, But It's Only Strengthened Our Friendship

The only way that I can describe my friendship with Eliza is that we're basically sisters.


Let me start with how we met:

Eliza and I met in 3rd grade on a snow day. My younger brother and I were sledding down the hill at the front of our house, which happens to face the back of Eliza's backyard. While we were enjoying zipping down the hill on our sleds, she wasn't having as much fun because her backyard was totally flat.

Picture this; my mom walks out our front door and sees our neighbor lying on an inner tube in the middle of her yard, catching snowflakes in her mouth, looking extremely bored. To be completely honest about this part next part, my mom basically told me I had to invite her over.

This sounds very harsh, but at the time I didn't really know Eliza, and being the shy little kid I was, I was nervous to invite her to come sledding. Never did I know that once I did, it would have started a road of 10 years of friendship for us.

Since that day, Eliza and I have been inseparable; so much so that one time she got in trouble and we tried to make a zip line between our yards and pass notes in a bucket...this didn't really work because she lived across the street from me, but you get the point.

We've gone on family vacations together, gone to each other's family functions (where even my family members consider her apart of the family now), made endless inside jokes, experienced the embarrassing two years of middle school, and suffered our way through high school.

Andi Mazzarella

Now that we have gotten to college, I haven't seen my other half in over three months, which is the longest we've ever gone without seeing each other. She goes to school at Hofstra University in Long Island, New York, which is about 117 miles away from Philadelphia, where I attend school at Temple University.

Because of this distance, we've only been able to see each other over Thanksgiving and Christmas break. It's been weird having to go months without our long night drives, singing One Direction on our way to get ice cream.

Living this far apart I feel has made our friendship stronger. Whenever we are fortunate enough to see each other in person, we gush over our college experiences and pick everything up where we left off from the last time we saw each other.

I do love though when I get a FaceTime call from her while I'm here at school. Usually, it's to tell each other the most recent drama in our lives, or our most recent call, freaking out about the Jonas Brothers reunion. This makes me feel a bit closer to her after not being able to see after what feels like forever

Though we are so far apart right now, I couldn't imagine calling anyone else my "sister". I can't wait to see her again soon. Miss ya like crazy E!

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10 Things I Threw Out AFTER Freshman Year Of College

Guess half the stuff on your packing list doesn't really matter

I spent the entire summer before my freshman year of college so WORRIED.

I also spent most of my money that summer on miscellaneous dorm stuff. I packed the car when the time finally came to move in, and spent the drive up excited and confused about what the heck was actually going on.

Freshman year came and went, and as I get ready to go back to school in just a few short weeks (!!), I'm starting to realize there's just a whole bunch of crap I just don't need.

After freshman year, I threw out:

1. Half my wardrobe.

I don't really know what I was thinking of owning 13 sweaters and 25 T-shirts in the first place. I wear the same five T-shirts until I magically find a new one that I probably got for free, and I put on jeans maybe four times. One pair is enough.

2. Half my makeup.

Following in the theme of #1, if I put on makeup, it's the same eyeliner-mascara combination as always. Sometimes I spice it up and add lipstick or eyeshadow.

3. My vacuum.

One, I basically never did it. Two, if I REALLY needed to vacuum, dorms rent out cleaning supplies.

4. Most of my photos from high school.

I didn't throw them ALL away, but most of them won't be making a return to college. Things change, people change, your friends change. And that's okay.

5. Excess school supplies.

Binders are heavy and I am lazy. I surprisingly didn't lose that many pens, so I don't need the fifty pack anymore. I could probably do without the crayons.

6. Cups/Plates/Bowls/Silverware.

Again, I am lazy. I cannot be bothered to wash dishes that often. I'll stick to water bottles and maybe one coffee cup. Paper plates/bowls can always be bought, and plastic silverware can always be stolen from different places on campus.

7. Books.

I love to read, but I really don't understand why I thought I'd have the time to actually do it. I think I read one book all year, and that's just a maybe.

8. A sewing kit.

I don't even know how to sew.

9. Excessive decorations.

It's nice to make your space feel a little more cozy, but not every inch of the wall needs to be covered.

10. Throw pillows.

At night, these cute little pillows just got tossed to the floor, and they'd sit there for days if I didn't make my bed.

Cover Image Credit: Tumblr

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I'm Not The Person I Was In High School And I'm Not Sorry I Changed

I'm sorry, the old me can't come to the phone right now.


If those who knew me in high school hung out with me now, they probably wouldn't recognize me. If my friends from college hung out with me around two years ago, they probably wouldn't recognize me. It's safe to say I've changed... a lot. I definitely find the change to be for the better and I couldn't be happier with the person I've become

In high school, I would sit at home every night anxiously waiting to leave and go out. Now, honestly, going out is the last thing I want to do any night of the week. While everyone in college is at a fraternity party or at the bars, I prefer to sit at home on the couch, watching Netflix with my boyfriend. That's an ideal night for me and it is exactly the opposite of what I wanted to do a couple of years ago. There's nothing wrong with going out and partying, it's just not what I want to do anymore.

I craved attention in high school. I went to the parties and outings so I could be in Snapchats and photos, just so people would know I was there. I hung out with certain groups of people just so I could say I was "friends" with so-and-so who was so very popular. I wanted to be known and I wanted to be cool.

Now, I couldn't care less. I go to the bars or the parties if I really feel like it or if my friends make me feel bad enough for never going anywhere that I finally decide to show up. It's just not my scene anymore and I no longer worry about missing out.

If you could look back at me during my junior year of high school, you probably would've found me searching for the best-ranked party schools and colleges with the best nearby clubs or bars. Now, you can find me eating snacks on the couch on a Friday night watching the parties through other peoples' Snapchats.

Some may say that I'm boring now, and while I agree that my life is a little less adventurous now than it was in high school, I don't regret the lifestyle changes I've made. I feel happier, I feel like a better person, I feel much more complete. I'm not sorry that I've changed since high school and I'm not sorry that I'm not living the typical "college lifestyle." I don't see anything wrong with that life, it's just not what makes me happy and it's not what I want to do anymore.

I've become a different person since high school and I couldn't be happier about it. I have a lot that's contributed to the change, but my boyfriend definitely was the main factor as he showed me that staying in can be a million times better than a night out. My interests and my social cravings have completely transitioned into that of an 80-year-old grandma, but I don't regret it.

Change doesn't have to be a bad thing. In fact, it can bring a lot more happiness and comfort. The transition from high school to college is drastic, but you can also use it as an opportunity to transition from one lifestyle to another. I don't regret the lifestyle flip I made and I couldn't be less apologetic about it.

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