A Letter to My Long Distance Best Friend
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To My Long Distance Best Friend, Thanks For Keeping Me Grounded From 1,187 Miles Away

The distance makes the time we have together that more special.

To My Long Distance Best Friend, Thanks For Keeping Me Grounded From 1,187 Miles Away
Amy Mahinske

Dear Long Distance Best Friend,

I owe you so much. I couldn't begin to imagine what my life would be like without you in it. So to you, I have this to say (and definitely so much more but for now, this is it).

As we get older, I know we're both moving in different directions but that hasn't hindered our friendship at all. At some points, I feel like we are closer than we were before I left. You're one of the only people that is always there for me, no matter what your hectic schedule looks like. Even if we don't talk on a daily basis, I appreciate the effort you put into maintaining our friendship.

You never blow me off or treat me like I don't matter. You never have an excuse as to why you couldn't talk. You understand if plans change and never intentionally leave me on read. You're always honest and that's what makes your friendship so special to me.

I feel comfortable going to you for everything. Whether it's to rant about annoying people I deal with, or to share good news, you're the first person I want to talk to. You encourage me to keep pushing forward and remind me when it's time to come down off my high horse. You keep me grounded even from so far away.

I know that you'll always answer me, even if what I said is completely random or stupid. You're always just a text or phone call away. This makes us feel like we're closer than we actually are. Technology has been and will continue to be such an important part of our friendship, so I'm thankful you're as addicted to your phone as I am.

I know that no matter where either of us end up in the world, you're always going to be such a huge part of my life. We have that type of friendship that only we understand. You never judge me for my actions and I know nothing I do will steer you away. This is why you're so important to me.

I thank you for being supportive and remind you that I will always be too. We've been through some tough times together and individually. I know that no matter what is happening, you're always going to be there for me. Even when we're struggling, we somehow always know what to say to keep each other in check.

Being so far away is hard a lot of the time. Some days I just want to call you up and meet you for coffee or Chipotle, but we can't do that. So for now, talking to you via phone will have to do. 1, 187 miles cannot stop us from anything. (And yes that's exact mileage from my apartment in Grand Fork, ND to your house in Penn Hills, PA.)

I always make sure you're going to be around when I visit because a trip home wouldn't be the same without seeing you. I couldn't imagine driving 2 days, or flying on a plane all day and not having the chance to see you.

I cherish the moments we get together because they come so few and far in between. Every time we're together is special because we don't know when the next time we'll see each other is. It's a race to make up for lost time. We get all the important gossip out of the way and then always just focus on the time we have together.

Even when we get together and do nothing, that's still so important to me. Being around you is all I care about when we catch up. I don't care if we sit there and watch stupid vines for hours or we dive into the juicy details of what's going on in our lives, I am just glad to see you.

Even if I can't be there for all your important milestones, and vice versa, that doesn't make me any less proud of you. You've accomplished so much and I can't even begin to explain how excited and happy I am for you. You keep taking chances and they keep paying off, whether you see that or not.

You're the only person who truly understands how I feel and my dark sense of humor. I wouldn't want to share my corny jokes with anyone else because I know you'll always laugh with me, and never at me.

You don't laugh at me for my wild obsession with One Direction or hockey, because it's something we bond over. Having similar interests makes friendship easier, but also more comfortable when I can be myself around you. You'll never laugh at me for crying because 1D broke up, or because the Penguins won the Stanley Cup because you're probably on the other end of the phone doing the same thing with me.

We might different tastes in boys but that didn't make meeting your new boyfriend any less exciting to me. I'm glad you have someone so supportive around you 24/7 when I can't be there to keep your head up high. Coming back and meeting him made the moment all that much more special. I'm truly glad you guys found each other, and I'm happy I also get along with him so well.

I know that one day in the future when I get a boyfriend (lol if ever), that you'll be as open minded and supportive of the relationship. If he's not right for me, you'll tell me. And if he is, you'll be sure to express your happiness for me.

No matter what we're doing with life or the choices were deciding to make, I know you always have my back. You're metaphorically at my side at all times. We convince each other every day that we can make it without each other physically there and that keeps me going.

You're the first person to check in on me when you haven't heard from me in a while. You're also the first person to see how something big and important went for me. Your support is unconditional and I couldn't ask for anything more.

I am just overly thankful that one shitty part time job brought us together. I am proud to call you my best friend. The only thing I would change in our friendship is the distance. If I could have you in the same state even, I would be happy. But for now, I'm glad we have what we have.

I don't know where I would be without you. And I know we usually aren't cheesy people, but it's true. You keep my head level and my temper cool without even being here. I love you and thank you for putting up with me always.

Never change (unless it's moving closer to me). I like who you are as a person and who I am when you're around or talking to me. Thanks for being there and thanks for being you.

Goodbyes never get easier, and I promise I've only cried once or twice after leaving. But the distance makes the time we have together all that more special.

Love you to the moon and back,

Your Long Distance Best Friend <3

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