Lollapalooza Is More Than A Music Festival

From seeing performers wear our city's apparel. I was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, and I can vouch that Lollapalooza is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, annual event in Chicago. As you can imagine, there's little to do normally in the Midwest. It's quite barren, and the winters are brutal. When people ask me if they should visit Chicago, I tell them to go in the summer, or during Lollapalooza if they can.

I've been to Lollapalooza every year for the past few years, as have most of my friends from Chicago. I've met many adults, even teachers, who also annually attend Lollapalooza. The tickets sell out within hours of being available, and for valid reasons.

Lollapalooza is more than a music festival.

Particularly for people growing up in the area, it is an event where everyone, regardless of their demographic, comes together to forget about their problems. They all collect, under the perfect view of Chicago's skyline, and feel real pride for where they're from. As one of the surveyed top states that people don't want to live in anymore, it's uncommon to feel united and proud to be from Chicago. But at Lollapalooza, everyone from the artists, crew, and other goers make it easy.

From seeing performers wear our city's apparel.

And hearing artists pause their performance, just to acknowledge how beautiful the skyline is

Mitch on Instagram: “Tyler taking a moment before Who Day Boy at Lollapalooza 2018! #tylerthecreator #whodatboy #lollapalooza2018 #lollapalooza #chicago…”

Lollapalooza is also one of the only music festivals in the midwest, so the big artists make an appearance. Between the 8 stages that run different genres continuously, and even a kids section, there is something for everyone.

So come on by and join us! You won't be disappointed. See you next year!

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