KSI And Logan Paul 'Tied' But They Both Had Already Won

The KSI And Logan Paul Tied Fight Was A Sham, But Both YouTubers Really Won In The End

For me, the motivation behind this boxing match was a little bit more devious than just protecting one's YouTube honor.


A few weeks ago, there was a highly-anticipated boxing match between YouTube stars Logan Paul and KSI. From what I saw, the fight itself seemed legit, punches were thrown and blocked, but looking at it as a whole, it was a scam. From my point of view, it was a publicity stunt, a way to earn more money and an effort to revive Logan's career.

Those who were also matched up to battle it out in the ring were Jake Paul vs. Deji (Logan and KSI's younger siblings, respectively), Call me Ham vs. Jrizzy Jeremy, Momo vs. RossiHD, JMX vs. Coach Richard, FaZe Sensei vs Overtflow, Rackaracka vs. Scarce and AnEsonGib vs. Jay Swingler. But, in this article, I'm going to focus on Logan and KSI.

Unfortunately, I did not have the luxury of watching the entire fight because it was $10 to watch the live stream on YouTube and I wasn't invested in any of the boxers to pay that fee (college budget and all), which, compared to the Mayweather vs. McGregor fight last August, wasn't much to ask for (Mayweather vs. McGregor cost around $100 for high-definition). Of course, there were other means of watching. Some fans viewed the match on free live streaming apps such as Periscope and Twitch. The parts of the fight that I was able to watch, were snippets from the Snapchat story about the fight.

Before the fight, the Youtubers were busy getting their subscribers hyped up and motivated to watch. They posted click-bait videos on their channels (all of which have over 9 million subscribers) in relation to their opponent and recorded diss tracks. 5 months before the match, Logan posted a video called "Confronting KSI in Person" that has 10 million views and a week before the match, KSI posted a new Logan Paul diss track called "On Point" which was viewed over 19 million times. There's no telling how many subscribers each star has earned since the rivalry began or how many more views they have on their videos, both of which translate into more money for all of them and more publicity for their channels.

Jake was victorious in his match, but, lucky for them, Logan vs. KSI resulted in a draw. The two immediately agreed to a rematch after the tie was called and it's suggested that it will be held sometime in February on US soil, Logan's territory, as opposed to in the UK (where this fight was held), KSI's home turf. To many, including me, the draw seemed fake. The entire event gave the impression of being an opportunity for the YouTubers to earn even more money on top of their over-a-million-dollars a month salary. I can't even begin to imagine how much money they made off of ticket sales, sponsorship, merchandise sales leading up to the fight and at the sale booths in the arena. And now that they're planning on having another fight, they have the potential to double or triple their revenue and become even richer.

All of this conveniently came to be a few months after Logan nearly destroyed his career. Earlier in the year, Logan posted an extremely controversial video filmed in the Aokigahara forest, in Japan. The forest is widely known as a place where people sadly take their lives. In the video that he ultimately took down after getting well-deserved backlash, he filmed the body of a man who, he believed, recently took his life. He told the viewers that suicide and mental health aren't jokes but joked with his friends about the situation as a way to relieve the tension and cope with what he had just seen.

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Fans were outraged that he actually filmed what they had seen and it cost Logan subscribers and different projects that he was working on for YouTube. Ever since this happened, it was all that people could really think about when they heard the name "Logan Paul," that was until his fight with KSI. This fight took the spotlight away from his mistake and put in on something that he wouldn't lose subscribers and sponsorships over and gained him more positive publicity.

To those who stan Logan, Jake, KSI, Deji or any of the other YouTubers, this fight was a big deal and allowed them to show support for someone that they love, but for me, the motivation behind this boxing match was a little bit more devious than just protecting one's YouTube honor.

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6 Times James Charles Has Made A Straight Man Uncomfortable

Thank you, Tati Westbrook, for bringing this problem to everyone's attention.


On May 10, 2019, Youtube beauty guru, Tati Westbrook, posted a video titled, "BYE SISTER...". In a nutshell, Tati explains how her friendship and mentorship with fellow Youtube makeup artist, James Charles, is over. James and Tati's relationship goes way back, and he even did her makeup for her wedding. In the video, Tati brings to light that James has repeatedly flirted with straight men, in hopes of "turning" them gay. While this was not the only thing Tati talked about, it seems to be the main thing that people who follow the former Coverboy are talking about.

I had been subscribed to James for about two years until I recently unsubscribed from his channel. James Charles has made many videos with straight men including Ethan and Grayson Dolan, and Jeff Wittek, in which he clearly flirts with them throughout the videos making them uncomfortable.

I had noticed this tremendously in one of his more recent videos titled, "THE TRUTH... My Crush Does My Makeup." Being a big fan of Jeff's, I thoroughly enjoyed the video when I first watched it, but after watching Tati's video where she "exposes" James' predatory actions, I went back and watched his video with Jeff. After watching it the second time, it felt different.

1. "I am a woman!"

This whole video is just so cringey. At 4:12, James asks Jeff what the three things he looks for in a long-term relationship. Jeff responds, "You got to have a good sense of humor." In which James replies, "You tell me I'm funny to every single DM I send you."

Ok, by this time, Jeff has already made clear that he is straight. But Jeff rebuttals James' comment with, "Well second, you have to be a woman." While Jeff says this laughing, you can just feel the uncomfortable tension. But that doesn't stop James because he responds to Jeff's standards with, "I am a woman!" This behavior continues throughout the whole video.

2. "A hot barber."

In the same video mentioned before, James tells Jeff his three qualities he looks for in a relationship. He mentions a good sense of humor, understanding, and the third quality, a hot barber. Now, if you had no idea who Jeff was, you may just look over this, but Jeff is a barber. Again, James making the situation a little more uncomfortable than it needed to be.

3. "I'm a celebrity"

Tati talks about that James has made several moves on straight men. She even says that she repeatedly told James that he cannot try and control someone's sexual orientation. But to that, she said that James would reply with, "I'm a celebrity."

4. Any video he has done with the Dolan Twins

You can look up these yourself because there are too many to refer to.

5. "Jeff gets all the time he needs."

In this video, James has the entire Vlog Squad do a makeup relay race. The instructions were that each member had five minutes to work on his makeup and then they had to be done. But, James said, "But Jeff gets all the time he needs." What? Jeff responds with a very uncomfortable look.

6. "Possibility of hooking up with any of the Vlog Squad members"

In the same video, James asks Zane Hijazi who he thinks James would be able to hook up within the Vlog Squad. Zane immediately debunks James' hopes of being with Jeff, making James incredibly sad. The only reason James asked the question in the first place was in hopes of Zane saying Jeff's name.

James has currently lost almost three million subscribers since Tati posted her video. Some notable unsubscribers are Jeffree Star, Kim Kardashian, Demi Lovato, and Shawn Mendes. Morphe Cosmetics has also stopped selling James Charles' eyeshadow palette in stores.


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15 Underrated Instagram Girl Bosses That Keep It Real

Instagram is nothing more than a highlight reel.


In today's society, most girls get on Instagram and scroll, while wishing they could "look like them" or "be as skinny as them," not realizing that Instagram is nothing more than a highlight reel, showing the best moments in someone's day or life. Over the past couple of years, I've sifted through all the Instagram bloggers and found the ones that aren't afraid keep it ~real~.

If you want some realness on your Instagram, follow these 15 girl bosses. You won't regret it.

1. Ashley TerKeurst Hodges


Instagram: @ashleyterk

I've been following Ashley for about a year now, and I've loved seeing her family grow. Ashley is passionate about her faith and family, and I love seeing her passion.

2. Karlie Rae Lang


Instagram: @karlierae

This new mama isn't afraid to show the real side of life and motherhood, along with the beautiful side as well.

3. Mattie Gresham


Instagram: @mattigresham

I look forward to watching Matti's story every day because of the real-life stories she shares. I laugh for days when watching.

4. Madison Nelson


Instagram: @heymadinelson

This southern gal is one of my top favorites when it comes to keeping it real. She also has the cutest little growing family, which is a plus.

5. Bre Sheppard


Instagram: @bresheppard

The beauty behind the movement #boycottboringnails, and the cutest little girl boss. Bre is one of the first bloggers I followed and I've been a loyal follower ever since.

6. Kathleen Post


Instagram: @kathleen.post

Kathleen is truly a ray of sunshine. She always has a smile on her face, and she brightens up my day every time I watch her stories.

7. Heather Brown


Instagram: @mylifewellloved

Heather is an Alabama-native, so I may be a little biased, but she's the cutest little mama, and fitness instructor.

8. Emily


Instagram: @joyfulcrew

I love watching Emily's stories because

1) She lives in japan, which is so cool and

2) Her stories are ALWAYS real.

She's not afraid to show the moments where she hides in a closet to get a break from her kids, and I admire that.

9. Annie Pearce


Instagram: @anniesforgetmeknots

I've followed Annie for several years now. I love watching her hair tutorials, her videos of her cute kids, and her super satisfying cleaning time-lapses.

10. Mary Margaret


Instagram: @simply_darlings

This new, southern mama/nurse has the absolute cutest style and cutest little family.

11. Rachel Timmerman


Instagram: @racheltimmerman

Her and her daughter are the cutest little mother-daughter duo, and they always have the cutest matching outfits.

12. Bailey Hawkins


Instagram: @baileyannhawkins

Bailey is the sweetest soul, and she's always sharing loads of encouragement on her stories and feed. Although I don't know her on a personal level, she always replies to any message that I send her, and is constantly asking how she can pray for her followers.

13. Danielle Carolan


Instagram: @daniellecarolan

Danielle is such a relatable college student, but I dream of being able to travel as much as she does. Not going to lie, I vicariously live through her stories when she's traveling.

14. Jess Fay


Instagram: @lipstickheelsandababy

The sweetest little beach mama, with the sweetest family and the founder of the cutest business, 30A Babe.

15. Shannon Peterson


Instagram: @shynnz

This mama openly shares her struggles of infertility, while sharing her life of raising 2 boys, and expecting another baby soon.

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