Logan Paul Didn't Make A 'Mistake,' Logan Paul Does Not Deserve Your Forgiveness

Logan Paul Didn't Make A 'Mistake,' Logan Paul Does Not Deserve Your Forgiveness

Apparently Logan Paul's New Year's resolution was to make a mockery of suicide.

Japan's "Suicide Forest" (Aokigahara) is just about as grim as it sounds. The forest sometimes sees upwards of 100 deaths a year: All to suicide. It is one of the most popular places in the world for people choosing to end their lives. Many people who walk into the forest never walk back out.

But some of the people who walk into the forest record a video of a dead body, laugh and post it on the internet for views.

That person would be Logan Paul, of previous Vine stardom and current YouTube personality and actor. Paul was in Japan, hitting the hot spots including trudging into Aokigahara, apparently for the purposes of shooting some spooky ghost footage.

But all previous video intentions shifted when Paul saw a dead body hanging from a tree and chose to record it, go closer to the body for a closeup, blur out his face and post the footage in a YouTube video intended for his incredibly young, impressionable audience.

And his 22 year old adult self is now apologizing for this grave mistake.

Except for, as adults who aren't either complete garbage, complete morons or both, we know this is bullshit.

Because never in our right minds, never would a decent human being decide to take video footage of a stranger who, for reasons beyond what we can comprehend, chose to go out to a forest and end their life. And if we somehow ended up with that footage, we most certainly wouldn't edit it and post it on YouTube to our 12 year old fans under the guise of suicide awareness. And we most CERTAINLY wouldn't publish a half assed apology that says the word "I" or "me" 25 times, or post a tweet underneath our more-sincere-but-still-worthless video apology that says "Like if you're in the Logang!"

Because we're decent people. And objectively, truthfully and unquestionably, Logan Paul is not.

Logan Paul is not some kid who just messed up. Logan Paul is an adult man with a massive youthful following who posted a video of a dead man on a public platform he typically used for comedy (his words, not mine.) Young children and teens with only a small understanding of depression and suicide and all the complexities that go along with those were thrown headfirst into understanding when they clicked on their favorite YouTube channel to see a body hanging from a tree.

This wasn't a mistake and this isn't forgivable.

This is an example of a privileged white boy exploiting one of the most horrific things we know for views and money.

Paul was visibly shocked upon seeing the body, but within minutes was laughing. The effect of seeing somebody in that state wasn't enough to touch him for more than a few minutes, and he wants to preach about suicide awareness and mental health. No thanks. There is truly and honestly nobody worse to listen to about the horrors of suicide than somebody who saw it firsthand and laughed and posted it on the internet.

Logan Paul didn't make a mistake and Logan Paul does not deserve your forgiveness.

If you or someone you know is considering suicide, please visit https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org to learn your resources and get the help you deserve.

Cover Image Credit: Logan Paul / YouTube

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