Logan is The Man For Rory In Gilmore Girls

33 Reasons Logan Huntzberger Is The One And Only Man For The Gilmore Family

Any "Gilmore Girl" watcher has speculated whether Rory should be with Jess or Logan.


Now that I have finished all seven seasons of "Gilmore Girls," I can confidently answer the question every girl in America has had since the last episode aired in 2007. Should Rory end up with Logan or Jess? Here are 33 reasons why Logan is the better guy.

1. He goes to Yale 

Pursuing a relationship is just easier when both individuals go to the same college/university/workplace.

2. Loyal to his friends and very polite

3. Can keep up with Rory's verbal banter

In other words he's just a really good listener.

4. Gives Rory the scoop by letting her come to one of their secret events

5. Gives Rory a fun nickname, "Ace".

6. Encourages Rory to step out of her comfort zone

7. Gives her a beautiful dress for his secret Life and Death Brigade events.

8. Rescues her from her grandparents' party after they try to set her up with other wealthy businessmen

9. Richard and Emily are a big fan of him

10. Supports her as a friends when Dean breaks up with her

11. Tells Rory he doesn't want to ask her out because he thinks she's special and he isn't boyfriend material

12. First kiss was magical and intense.

13. Let's Rory take his driver to get to Lorelai ASAP after her and Luke's breakup.

We all love a man, who understands the importance of family.

14. Comes through her dorm window to give her kisses goodnight

15. Breaks into the dining hall to provide ice cream and unlimited cereal

16. He decides to give up on his playboy ways to commit himself to Rory

17. Buys her a Birkin bag 

18. Visits Lorelai to try and figure out how to get Rory back, says he will not give up.

19. He steps up to help get the Yale Daily News out when Rory tries to save it

20. Invites Rory to move in with him

21. Has Luke and Lorelai up to his house on Martha's Vineyard. Even though it's supposed to be a weekend for just him and Rory.

22. Saves Luke by giving him an extra gift so he doesn't disappoint Lorelai on Valentine's Day.

23. Pulls it together, mans up, and goes to London; wants to be a better man for Rory

24. Sends her the rocket proving that he's devoted to her

25. Surprises Rory on the roof of their apartment building with twinkling lights and dinner.

26. Surprises Rory again in their apartment, "Normal is not why you love me"

27. Introduces Rory to people that can help start her career as a journalist

28. Shows up immediately to support Rory and her family after Richard's heart attack

29. Tells Rory he trusts her completely and isn't worried about their relationship when he's busy doing work in London.

30. Gains his own independence, finally leaving his dad's company

31. Let's Rory make her own choices about her career.

32. Asks Lorelai for permission to propose to Rory

33. Gives Rory time to think the engagement over, doesn't push her.

Meanwhile, Jess just disappears from Rory's life completely. NOT COOL!

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