Local Boutique Does Good For The Bloomington Community
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Local Boutique Does Good For The Bloomington Community

Bluetique Cheap Chic is charitable in more ways than one

Local Boutique Does Good For The Bloomington Community
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Bluetique Cheap Chic in Bloomington, IN participates in several local and worldly community service initiatives throughout the year. Although the company occupies many locations outside of Bloomington, the employees urge their store managers to get involved with charity work in the communities they serve.

“Upon starting my position at Bluetique last year, one thing I learned very quickly and in my opinion what makes them special is their ongoing commitment to be a part of our community and give back,” said store manager Misty Morganett. As the store manager, Morganett picks the organizations to which Bluetique donates. “The company encourages its store managers to get involved in innovative ways that contribute to making the community a better place. Bluetique is always challenging us to think outside of the box and dig into our towns, which is one of the many things that make this company personally rewarding to work for,” she added.

This past November, Bluetique participated in a shoe drive for the non-profit company Soles 4 Souls. Soles 4 Souls collects and donates gently used shoes and clothing to those less fortunate in impoverished countries. Many Indiana University students donated to the cause. By donating, students received a discount on merchandise. This discount offer helped make the local boutique live up to its reputation of being affordable for local college students and community members as all items are priced under $100.

In December, Bluetique held a canned food drive for the Hoosier Hills Food Bank. Customers brought in canned goods to benefit local individuals struggling with living expenses in Bloomington.

The local boutique also donates gift cards monthly to different organizations to raffle off for proceeds for a chosen charity. They also partner with sorority and campus organizations to donate a portion of sales for a given time to their charity of choice.

Bluetique also supports with charitable brand items such as Lokai. Lokai sells bracelets that have one bead that contains mud from the Dead Sea, the lowest point in the world, and water from Mount Everest, the highest point on Earth. The bracelets aim to help individuals stay humble and find balance in life. Ten percent of Lokai’s net profits are dedicated to giving back to communities through 13 charitable associations around the world such as WWF, Make a Wish Foundation and the Alzheimer’s Association.

Bluetique has worked to provide for charitable causes locally and on an international scale. According to their mission, Bluetique is committed to local charities and philanthropies and holds frequent events to benefit these organizations. To learn more about Bluetque, visit www.shopbluetique.com

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