15 Lessons You Can Learn About Love From Liza And David's Breakup
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15 Lessons You Can Learn About Love From Liza And David's Breakup

Laughing and crying with your best friend is the most effective way to deal with any kind of pain.


One of the most popular YouTube couples just informed the world that they have broken up. Everyone seems to be completely distraught and convinced that love doesn't exist anymore, but I believe love is being shown more than ever before! Liza and David's breakup is full of lessons about love and friendship.

Relationships are fundamental parts of the society we live in. We focus on starting them and then being in them. Both stages of a relationship are beautiful, impactful, and thrilling. When relationships end we tend to look at them as ugly, destructive, and negative. It is like pain causes us to switch our perspectives. Liza and David kept their relationship in the beautiful and impactful position instead of turning it negative and destructive. That is something we can all strive to do in our lives. And of course, eat more mayonnaise.

1. True love requires being the person's Best Friend before anything else

My mom always told me that you have to be friends with someone before you can be in a relationship with them. That if you are going to fall in love with someone, fall in love with your best friend. Truly caring about someone, wanting the best for them no matter what and always being there for them, is what any relationship should thrive off of. David and Liza aren't boyfriend and girlfriend anymore but they are still best friends. And that is the most important thing.

2. You have to Love yourself before you can love anyone else

In any relationship, it is always important to think about yourself. To consider your own best interests. The strongest thing anyone that is struggling can do is realize that they need to focus on themselves. If you need to better yourself and learn to really love yourself, then you can't love someone else like they should be loved. Even though you might really love someone, the best thing you can do for yourself is to be single. Take time to be alone because nobody can fix you but yourself.

"I really wanna spread love but I have to have it first" -Liza

But overall, always remember that mayonnaise is way better than mustard.

3. Laughing and Crying at the same time is totaly acceptable when your best friend is supporting you

Life is hard. And being completely alone when you are going through some stuff is never the answer. You need the support of your best friend. The most beautiful thing about the relationship that David and Liza share is how they can laugh and cry together. I read one time that the way someone reacts to your sadness shows how long they will be in your life. Laughing with someone when they laugh and crying with someone when they cry shows how much you truly care about the other person. The fact is sometimes loving someone can be laughing and crying together even though your heart is aching.

4. You can find happiness out of any kind of pain

Whether it is a corny joke, a bunch of old memories, or just the promise for the future, there is always some kind of happiness stemming from pain. Laughter will always be the best medicine.

5. Life Timing is more important than you might first realize

No matter how much we like to think that we can control our own lives, timing really does matter. The place our life is in, the way our career is taking us, family circumstances and even health issues can cause complications with love and relationships. Sometimes life timing can be right at the time but then change later on. Timing is important for relationships.

6. Even though you love someone, your lives can take you in different directions

Sometimes love is not enough to make a relationship last. Life brings up various events and life moments that change us or pull us in different directions. Life can result in you realizing that the person you love might not fit into your future.

7. Don't let yourself get "distant." Don't let yourself get "busy." If that happens, you need to take a break.

Sometimes in relationships, we can get comfortable. Life gets busy and we stop putting our efforts into relationships because we don't think we are going to lose the person we love. But when you stop putting effort into a relationship, that is when distance occurs. When you get distant with the person you love, that hurts both you and them. Connections can start to fizzle out and can result in you falling out of love. You can love a person but not be in love with them.

No one is ever too busy to be with someone. It is all about priorities and what you are putting your effort and time into. If all of your efforts are put into your work and that becomes a priority over the person you love, it probably isn't right to be with them because that distance and lack of time for them will result in more pain for the both of you later down the road. It is okay to have work be your number one priority but don't be in a relationship that you can not fully commit to. If you realize you are distant or busy, it is okay to take a break from being in a relationship.

8. The age you are really can matter.

"We're so young." -Liza

The point of being in a relationship with someone should be to eventually marry them and spend the rest of your life with them. It is okay to feel as if you are too young to have that kind of commitment. Your age ultimately determines the stage of your life you are in. If you are in a different stage of life then the person you love then it is probably not best for you to be in a relationship with them. The age you are and the stage of life you are in really does matter when it comes to the commitment of a relationship.

"We have a lot of growth and development and learning and loving for ourselves to do" -Liza

You should never feel entitled to settle down so early in your life. The thing is, we all have a lot of growing and knowledge gaining left to do. And it is okay to not want to be in a relationship. Being young means you still have so much left of the world to experience. Growing changes you and you learn new things about yourself every day. A part of growing up is figuring out what you really want and it can be best to not be in a relationship while you are doing that.

9. Breaking up can be the most mature desision you can make. And the most healthy one.

Walking away can sometimes be the best thing you can do for the person you love. Staying with someone when you know that you shouldn't, will only hurt both of you even more. Truly loving someone is doing what is best for them no matter what. Making that mature decision is hard but in the long run, you will be able to see that the pain of the breakup was what was best for the both of you.

10. Girls will always be confusing

"What do you want?" -David
"You... to be my best friend" -Liza
"What" -D
"What" -L
"What did you say, you see this, this is what I've been dealing with for six months" -D

I honestly feel really bad for guys sometimes because most of the time they have absolutely no idea what to do. Honestly, girls have absolutely no idea what they want. Girls are confusing humans. But boys are confusing humans too. Overall, we are all just confusing humans; as a species.

If you can understand your own feelings and figure out what you really want and then act upon those realizations, you are strong. And I'm proud of you because that isn't an easy thing to do.

11. Loving someone can boil down to just wanting them to be happy

"If one of us finds someone, I just wanted to be respectful of that" -David

Overall, life happens. People can get pulled in a million different directions and every single person's life will take them in a different direction. Sometimes those directions are opposite from the person we love. Realizing that you might not be able to be together but ultimately just wanting them to be happy is what true love is all about.

12. Two incredible people aren't always right for each other

The thing is, if you are a fan of Liza and David, you know that both of them are incredible people. But just because two people are incredible that does not mean they are meant to be. There is so much more that goes into a relationship and the only people that can truly understand are the two people in the relationship. Sometimes people just aren't meant for each other.

13. You can still be friends with your EX

I really did NOT think that it was possible. I was a firm believer that you could never go to being just friends with someone that you were in love with. Liza and David have proved me wrong. When the person you were in a relationship with is your best friend, then there will always be love that holds you in each other's lives. But David is an incredible guy, a rare human, and I feel like Liza and his relationship is an outlier; So I'm still a skeptic.

When you fall in love with someone there should be a strong foundation of friendship, so that even if there is an earthquake and your house crumbles, there will still be a foundation left to build on.

14. The love you have with someone is between the both of you, not the rest of the world.

The relationship you have with someone really isn't anyone else's business. When you aren't in a situation you can't properly understand it. So the relationship you have should just be between the two of you because no one else is in it.

Liza and David waited six months to tell their fans. They waited three months to tell their friends. What the both of them were going through was something between the two of them. They handled a very painful life-changing situation in a very mature manner.

15. Break ups happen. What is important is how we deal with it.

When you get in a relationship with someone, it is either going to result in two different solutions: 1) Marriage 2) Breakup.

Sadly the probability is higher for the second option than the first. The way you deal with a breakup helps with the healing process, so looking at all the highlights of the relationship is a positive way can help to deal with the heartache. When you love someone, always keep a beautiful and positive perspective on the relationship you had.

"It was genuinly the best two years of my life. Hands down." -David

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