Why Liz Lemon Gives Me Hope For The Future

Why Liz Lemon Gives Me Hope For The Future

It's fine. Just be yourself, however weird that may be.

I'm really bad at watching TV shows — or, at least, starting a new TV show. I'm very commitment-phobic when it comes to some novel franchise and I have about a million (not exaggerating) shows / movies in my Netflix list that I haven't even gotten close to broaching. I can keep up with only one current show at a time ("Game of Thrones") because I can't dedicate my brain to more than one running storyline.

But I love familiarity. (Change scares us, after all.) One of the shows, besides the obvious staple of "Friends," that I often go back to is "30 Rock." Liz Lemon is my spirit animal — my kindred spirit. She had me at (flips table), "Where's my mac n' cheese?"

When Carmen Chao asked Liz Lemon, "What is wrong with you?" and she replied, "Almost everything," I was like, "Girl, I feel."

(And by the way I'm writing this as "30 Rock" is playing on split screen.)

More recently, however, I realized there's more to Liz Lemon's relatability than her excellent singular pursuit of comfort, food and avoiding social contact. It's how she skates through it all that's amazingly reassuring to me. I definitely see a Liz Lemon-ish vibe in my future.

We're both dorky females who are very awkward, not only in social situations, but also just...being. We suffer from the occasional "hangry" temper tantrum. We don't know how to comfort crying people.

We're aspiring writers. We're feminists who maybe sometimes take it too far without quite demonstrating the right way, without the correct experience to validate the soapbox. (Like, girls should be allowed to play football? Maybe?) We love cheese and wearing exclusively comfy clothing and have weird feet.

We've also both been, at some point — and more frequently than not — loud, proud proclaimers of flying solo.

I know everyone is so afraid of ending up alone, but we're never really alone unless we're just terrible people — or everyone around us is just terrible. People make such a big deal over being the "last" singleton, and yeah, I'm definitely guilty of that too, but is it really such a huge problem? I know especially for us females, time is a-ticking and we're running on an unfairly quick-moving biological clock. Nevertheless, we live in a modern era where you can make something happen for yourself, on your own, if you want it enough. And to be honest, I'd rather be Liz Lemon with a Jack Donaghy — in my opinion one of the best friendships on the screen mainly due to its lack of the cliche will-they-won't-they — than Pete with his miserable marriage.

Yes, I'm aware Liz Lemon may kind of defeat my point since (spoiler alert) she ends up with the guy and the kids, a family of her own, but I could still believe it if by the conclusion of the show's run, she was still spinster Liz Lemon wearing a one-piece bathing suit as last-resort underwear on laundry day. I'm not saying I wish that's how it went down. I'm just saying it would be believable and acceptable and wouldn't detract anything from the show. Not everyone believes in soulmates and not everyone finds — or needs — the one person to spend the rest of his / her life with, soulmate or not.

Liz Lemon taught me (well not singularly because that might be kind of sad) that it's OK if it doesn't happen. And let your freak flag fly, even if it romantically attracts no one because dammit I should be able to wear an all-gray sweatsuit if I want to or wear sparkly silver Birkenstocks with green socks if it tickles my fancy.

I'm quite happy with who I am, and with a few (or more than a few) improvements, I'll probably be a stellar gal. And I definitely do not need a significant other to verify that. I know — it's a tried and true message, and we're maybe a little tired of hearing it. But I highly recommend Liz Lemon's version of it. It's a hell of a lot more more entertaining than your own (often annoyingly self-righteous) brain.

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50 Quotes from the Best Vines

If you're picturing the vines in your head, you're doing it right

In 2017 we had to say goodbye to one of the best websites to ever roam the internet: Vine. In case you have been living under a rock since 2013, Vine was -(sad face)- a website and app that took the internet and the app store by storm in Winter 2013. It contained 6-second videos that were mostly comedy- but there were other genres including music, sports, cool tricks and different trends. Vine stars would get together and plan out a vine and film it till they got it right.

It was owned by Twitter and it was shut down because of so many reasons; the viners were leaving and making money from Youtube, there was simply no money in it and Twitter wanted us to suffer.

There's been a ton of threads on Twitter of everyone's favorite vines so I thought I'd jump in and share some of my favorites. So without further ado, here are some quotes of vines that most vine fanatics would know.

1. "AHH...Stahhp. I coulda dropped mah croissant"

2. "Nate how are those chicken strips?" "F%#K YA CHICKEN STRIPS.....F%#K ya chicken strips!"

3. "Road work ahead? Uh Yea, I sure hope it does"

4. "Happy Crimus...." "It's crismun..." "Merry crisis" "Merry chrysler"

5. "...Hi Welcome to Chili's"

6. "HoW dO yOu kNoW wHaT's gOoD fOr mE?" "THAT'S MY OPINIONNN!!!.."

7."Welcome to Bible Study. We're all children of Jesus... Kumbaya my looordd"

8. Hi my name's Trey, I have a basketball game tomorrow. Well I'm a point guard, I got shoe game..."

9. "It's a avocadooo...thanks"

10. "Yo how much money do you have?" "69 cents" "AYE you know what that means?" "I don't have enough money for chicken nuggets"

11. "Hurricane Katrina? More like Hurricane Tortilla."

12. "Hey Tara you want some?" "This b*%th empty. YEET!"

13. "Get to Del Taco. They got a new thing called Freesha-- Free-- Freeshavaca do"

14. "Mothertrucker dude that hurt like a buttcheek on a stick"

15. "Two brooss chillin in a hot tub 5 feet apart cuz they're not gay"

16. "Jared can you read number 23 for the class?" "No I cannot.... What up I'm Jared, I'm 19 and I never f#@%in learned how to read."

17. "Not to be racist or anything but Asian people SSUUGHHH"

18. 18. "I wanna be a cowboy baby... I wanna be a cowboy baby"

19. "Hey, I'm lesbian" "I thought you were American"

20. "I spilled lipstick in your Valentino bag" "you spilled- whaghwhha- lipstick in my Valentino White bag?"

21. "What's better than this? Guys bein dudes"

22. "How'd you get these bumps? ya got eggzma?" "I got what?" "You got eggzma?"

23. "WHAT ARE THOSEEEEE?" "THEY are my crocs!"

24. "Can I get a waffle? Can I please get a waffle?"

25. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAVEN!" "I can't sweem"

26. "Say Coloradoo" "I'M A GIRAFFE!!"

27. "How much did you pay for that taco?" Aight yo you know this boys got his free tacoo"

28. *Birds chirping* "Tweekle Tweekle"

29. "Girl, you're thicker than a bowl of oatmeal"

30. "I brought you Frankincense" "Thank you" "I brought you Myrrh" "Thank you" "Mur-dur" "huh...Judas..no"

31. "Sleep? I don't know about sleep...it's summertime" "You ain't go to bed?" "Oh she caught me"

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35. "Hey did you happen to go to class last week?" "I have never missed a class"

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45. "Oh hi, thanks for checking in I'm still a piece of garrbaagge"

46. *girl blows vape* "...WoW"

47. *running* "...Daddy?" "Do I look like-?"

48. *Pours water onto girl's face" "Hello?"

49. "Wait oh yes wait a minute Mr. Postman" "HaaaAHH"

50. "...And they were roommates" "Mah God they were roommates"

I could literally go on forever because I just reference vines on a daily basis. Rest in peace Vine

Cover Image Credit: Vine

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36 Songs From Summers Past To Hype You Up For Summers Future

Summer and great songs go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Summer and great songs go together like peanut butter and jelly. In order to kick off the summer in anticipation for the musical madness that is sure to come, I have compiled a list of the top summer songs we all know we jammed to over the past ten years. If you haven't watched the cinematic masterpiece that is Katy Perry's "Last Friday Night," then you've never really lived. I mean, Weird Al is in the video!

Here are 36 songs from summers past sure to hype you up for summers future!

"There's a pounding my head
Glitter all over the room
Pink flamingos in the pool"
- Katy Perry


1. "Umbrella" — Rihanna feat. Jay-Z

Every girl loved this song!

2. "Hey There Delilah" — Plain White T's

The soundtrack to your summer crush!


3. "I Kissed A Girl" — Katy Perry

This is the first song that made me pause and actually listen to the words!

4. "Leavin' " — Jesse McCartney

Heart throbbin' it!


5. "I Gotta Feeling"— The Black Eyed Peas

The most played song for every party!

6. "Best I Ever Had" — Drake


7. "You Belong With Me" — Taylor Swift

The song you sang about every crush you had with a significant other!


8. "California Gurls" — Katy Perry feat. Snoop Dogg

Only time I wished I was a Cali girl.

9. "Airplanes" — B.o.B feat. Hayley Williams

I'm still wondering how they made such a hit and never once stood in the same room to make it?

10. "Cooler Than Me" — Mike Posner

This song was for the haters!

11. "Dynamite" — Taio Cruz

If you didn't know this song then you were nobody!


12. "Party Rock Anthem" — LMFAO feat. Lauren Bennett & GoonRock

The song that plagued my high school existence because it was just sooo catchy!

13. "Give Me Everything" — Pitbull feat. Ne-Yo, Afrojack & Nayer

The beginning of my love for Pitbull

14. "Rolling In The Deep" — Adele


15. "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F)" — Katy Perry

The cinematic masterpiece that is Katy Perry


16. "Call Me Maybe" — Carly Rae Jepsen

The most annoying song in the world that I will always and forever know the words to!

17. "Titanium" — David Guetta feat. Sia

Motivation for your day.

18. "We Are Young" — fun. feat. Janelle Monae

I'm still singing this!

19. "Starships" — Nicki Minaj

This song just exudes summer!


20. "Blurred Lines" — Robin Thicke feat. T.I. + Pharrell


21. "Radioactive" — Imagine Dragons

I don't know a soul that doesn't know this song.

22. "Cruise" — Florida Georgia Line feat. Nelly

Nelly + Anything = Gold.


23. "All Of Me" — John Legend

The great love song of our lifetime!

24. "Fancy" — Iggy Azalea feat. Charli XCX

The song you should sing before any night out!

25. "Happy" — Pharrell Williams

Pharrell, I am always happy because of you.


26. "Cheerleader" — OMI

You've got cool cars, the beach, and palm trees. It doesn't get any more summer than this.

27. "See You Again" — Wiz Khalifa feat. Charlie Puth

We LOVE you, Paul Walker!

28. "Bad Blood" — Taylor Swift feat. Kendrick Lamar

Taylor told us how she really felt that summer. She never does that!


30. "One Dance" — Drake feat. WizKid & Kyla

I will always love Drake.

31. "Can't Stop The Feeling!" — Justin Timberlake

Justin just keeps bringing sexy back!

32. "Don't Let Me Down" — The Chainsmokers feat. Daya

I won't let you down, Daya!

33. "Ride" — Twenty One Pilots

This is my ultimate summer song!


33. “Despacito” — Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee Featuring Justin Bieber

You can't get this song out of your head even if you wanted to and it just makes you wanna learn Spanish.

34. “That's What I Like” — Bruno Mars

Well, Bruno, you're what I like!

35. “Shape of You” — Ed Sheeran

Brought to you by bars everywhere!

36. “HUMBLE.” — Kendrick Lamar

Cover Image Credit: Cash Money Records / Young Money Ent. / Universal Rec.

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