Living Within My Own Little World

There is a place I like to go; a place I call my own.

I place where I am whole and can cleanse my entire soul.

My own little world where every imperfection becomes perfection.

My own little world where the golden-brown wheat grass surrounds me, soaring high above my outstretched being.

Where the amber ocean envelopes my body and I can float away to another world as it ripples in the soft wind. It is silence, yet it is not.

A place full of peaceful serenity

Where I can lay back on the soft cloud and gaze up into the sky. Where a vast blue canvas expands from one end of the earth to the other and the wind whispers into my ears as the clouds form and drift away right before my eyes.

A world where I can close my eyes and stretch my arms out, allowing the warm spring sun to dance across my fair skin.

Where the prickly grass tickles me as it sways back and forth, playing its sweet song, releasing a beautiful scent.

In this place that I like to go; this place I call my own

This place where I am whole and can cleanse my entire soul

I am able to experience perfection

I am able to slowly open my eyes, sit up, and see a dandelion come into my view through the small slit between my heavy eyelids.

I am able to pick it up and admire it as it's gentle seeds begin to float away in the breeze.

I am able to I look up at my house standing far on the hill, cold and distant, with my wish in my hand and heart on my sleeve.

In my own little world, I can quietly blow the seeds away and make my final wish.

I wish for moments like this every day.

A never ending happiness.

I wish for a place where I can go to get away, knowing it will never be that white house with the picket fence standing high on the rolling green hills.

Mother nature is my safe place.

She is my own little world.

She embraces me with her warm touch and kisses me with her soft breeze.

Laying in the golden-brown wheat grass on a beautiful day where the sky appears as glass, letting my imagination wander and explore as it pleases.

Taking me on adventures to the wondrous unknown.

That is my happy place.

That is my safe place.

That is my own little world

And no one can take that away.

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