17 Reasons A 2-Bedroom With Your BFF Is The Number 1 Living Situation

17 Reasons A 2-Bedroom With Your BFF Is The Number 1 Living Situation

You're living with your best friend... What else needs to be said?

I've lived in all the college roommate situations: Found a roommate in a class Facebook page, got a random roommate, lived with a group of old friends. This year, I am living with my best friend in a two-bedroom apartment, and it has been the best living situation I've had for many reasons.

1. You already know each other really well

First day with random roommate: So, uh, what are your hobbies?

First day with best friend roommate: Wanna get pizza later?

2. Bills are way easier

Having multiple roommates means waiting on multiple people giving you money for bills, taking their precious time and not cooperating. Having one roommate makes it MUCH easier, especially when it is your best friend and you can just be shady until they pay you without worrying if they hate you.

3. You always know who left the mess

No more being passively angry at everyone because you can't figure out who is piling up dishes in the sink or refusing to take the trash out. Now, you always know!

4. You probably don't fight

You've been friends long enough that if you do fight, they're old-married-couple-esque bickers that mean virtually nothing.

5. Cleaning schedules are much more manageable

Dividing up tasks between various people (especially ones who don't get along) is impossible. Dividing up tasks between two people who DO get along and have a common goal of maintaining a not disgusting apartment is easy.

6. Texting one roommate about issues is better than a group text

Say goodbye to the awkward group text where you politely tell everyone you're sick of their shit. Now you can just knock on your roommates' door and say hello I am sick of your shit.

7. Same size fridge, fewer people

I mean, need I say more?

8. It's like a sleepover every night

As kids, having a sleepover with your BFF every night was a thing of your dreams, and now it is happening.

9. Asking to have friends over is better because you probably have the same ones

You don't have to get it OKed by a group of people, or by somebody who doesn't know anyone coming over. You really don't even need to ask anymore.

10. There's little to no judgment about your eating habits

The 7th pizza of the month used to make you feel awkward with your random roommate. Now, your bestie is on #7 as well.

11. You always have someone to go out with

You can get ready together, go out together, and cop some greasy foods to eat on the couch when you get home together.

12. You already know what annoys you about the other person

Thank God you don't have to become roommates first to find out their annoying habits. You already know, and chose to live with them anyway.

13. You only have to pick up after 2 people, and one is yourself

Trying to figure out what stuff goes to what room is a pain. If it isn't yours, it is theirs. Simple as that.

14. You can borrow stuff anytime

You don't have to awkwardly text your stranger roommate and ask if you can borrow a small bit of milk for your cereal, you can just borrow it. (Emily, I borrowed your hairbrush this morning.)

15. You look forward to coming home

When you're in a bad, awkward or just slightly negative living situation, you might not look forward to coming back home, but when you live with your best friend, it is great.

16. You give each other enough personal space

You know you don't need to force friendship, you can each be alone when you need it.

17. You're living with your best friend... What else needs to be said?

A person I love, sings Disney songs with me constantly and doesn't get upset when I leave my Trix yogurt cup on the side table for 3 days out of sheer laziness? That's the kind of roommate I've always wanted.

Cover Image Credit: Sara Petty

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100 Phrases You'll Say In Your First Year Of College

6. I want Chipotle so bad.


College is weird. It's a whole new place with all new people and many, many new things. Because of this brand new environment, you'll be saying a lot of things you probably aren't prepared to say now.

1. What is that smell?

2. This textbook is how much?

3. I'm gonna go to the gym every day.

4. Can you send me more money?

5. Oh, you're from [different state/region]? How do you say [controversial word]?

6. I want Chipotle so bad.

7. Wanna go get food?

8. I'm gonna be in this library until 4 am.

9. Do you think I can pull an all-nighter?

10. I am not a lightweight!

11. I've never done this before.

12. I smell weed.

13. Should I wash these sheets?

14. I mean, it's only been, like, a month.

15. Okay, maybe two.

16. I haven't washed my sheets since I moved in.

17. Can I borrow your crop top?

18. We should get fairy lights!

19. Dude, we had homework?

20. Do you think it'll be bad if I washed my whites with the colors?

21. I don't need to study for this exam, it'll be easy.

22. I totally failed that exam.

23. How late is the library open?

24. I don't have any clean underwear.

25. No, I'm not dating him/her.

26. Is it too early to start a wedding Pinterest board?

27. I'm so tired I could die.

28. I stayed up until 6 am for no reason.

29. *insert Mr. Brightside lyrics*

30. Should I get a fake ID?

31. I woke up three minutes before my alarm so now I hate myself.

32. I hate [math/science class].

33. Can I hit your Juul?

34. This will look awesome on a resume.

35. I have to be awake early so can we go to bed soon?

36. What did we do last night?

37. I'm just gonna take a quick nap.

38. We didn't have any more cups so I'm drinking from a bowl.

39. There was so much hair in the shower.

40. There was so much of my hair in the shower.

41. Is that blood?

42. Let's dye my hair.

43. I need more service hours.

44. If I get a 140% on this test, I can maybe pass the class.

45. Wanna take the online final together?

46. I walked out of the door without shoes.

47. I only have 2 meal swipes left!

48. Chipotle is a lot more expensive than I remembered.

49. Just ask for a water cup and fill it with Coke.

50. Should I join this club?

51. Yes, I definitely want to sign up for this mailing list.

52. *incoherent sobbing noises*

53. I've never been so stressed.

54. I didn't have to study in high school.

55. What's the move?

56. Delt is having a big party tonight.

57. Is this dress tight enough?

58. Leggings are pants.

59. This sweater is bigger than four of me but I'm wearing it.

60. Should I be building credit?

61. I need more hangers.

62. Can we go to CVS?

63. Campus parking sucks.

64. I was on my phone for the entire class.

65. I fell asleep in class.

66. I slept through class.

67. I don't remember the last time I went to that lecture.

68. Hi, my name is [name], I'm a first-year, and my major is [major].

69. Haha, 69.

70. I'm technically an adult now.

71. I should get a tattoo.

72. Let's get our noses pierced.

73. I'm gonna fail.

74. I'm gonna drop out.

75. I'm gonna move to Greece and open a hotel with my daughter and three lovers.

76. Which bus stop do we get off at?

77. Are dryer sheets actually necessary?

78. I ran out of shampoo.

79. I miss my pet.

80. That is the most beautiful person I've ever seen.

81. Should I get a Tinder?

82. Can I swipe on your Tinder?

83. Swipe right!

84. Oh, swipe left.

85. Ew, I graduated with them.

86. I think half my graduating class goes to this school.

87. I love my school.

88. I hate this school.

89. Campus food sucks.

90. Awww, look at the touring high schoolers!

91. *calls home for every minor inconvenience*

92. Our team is the best!

93. Our team sucks.

94. We have rugby here?

95. Is this worth the hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt?

96. I wanna study abroad.

97. Study abroad is so expensive.

98. I can't find my student ID!

99. Where are all my pencils?

100. You guys are my best friends.

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