Living with My Sister

It's the end of the school year and everyone is packing up their things to move back home for the summer, but is it the right decision? Is moving back home one of the best things you could do? I think it is!

Coming home for the summer and staying with my sister is both great and awful at the same time. If you, like me, love your big sister than you understand the kind if bond that sisters can have. It is unique and is unlike any other bond that anyone can ever have. However, that doesn't mean that living together is easy. I got used to living with just a roommate and not having to explain my schedule to anyone because the only one I had to worry about was me.

For example, my sister and I work a lot so when I'm home I like to watch television. I forget sometimes that my sister and I are completely different in our taste in most things. I'll be sitting on the couch watching anime and my sister will be like, “ What Is this crap? I don't understand what's going on! How can you watch this?” We will then sit there for a solid half an hour as I try to explain why I like it or what's going on in hopes that she will just let me watch and not complain.

There are other things too such as when I'm working and she needs someone to watch the kids or there is sooooo much laundry that all the baskets in the house are full or even something as small as, "Karyssa! You drank the last glass of milk!!!" because my sister loves milk and if anyone else gets the last glass before she does then it's a tragedy.

Despite all of the nonsense my sister and I have a good time. We have trash TV Wednesday and we sit on the couch for hours talking about all the crap that goes on at work. Even though living with my sister causes challenges, I wouldn't imagine living anywhere else for the summer.

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