Living with your bff is way more important that you think.

Contrary To Popular Belief, Living With Your Best Friend Is The Best Decision You Could Make

This might sound weird to you, but I've done the whole making friends and doing my own thing already. I want to live with someone I truly get along with.

Samantha Ziganto

The most common thing I heard when preparing to go to college was, "Don't live with your friends, you want the chance to make your own and living with friends from home won't turn out well." But honestly, why wouldn't you live with your best friend?

Like seriously, I know how some people feel about the idea of living with your best friend. I really don't understand why people wouldn't want to live with someone that knows them so well and feel 100% comfortable with.

Next semester, I will be moving into my first apartment, and I have never been so excited about something in my entire life. During my freshman year, I got thrown into a random roommate situation (not my choice), so I had a very hard time living where I was. This past school year, I lived in my sorority house with some of my closest friends, and even that was still hard for me.

Living in my own apartment with my own bedroom and bathroom for the first time in two years will be a wonderful thing for me. But, I'm really most excited about living with my absolute best friend at school and I'll give you a few reasons why.

Living with someone you get along with and really enjoy being around is really important. Why on earth would you want to share a living space with a person (or multiple people) that you don't see yourself spending downtime with? I'm so excited to just chill in our living room watching "The Bachelor," crafting, cooking, and all the above.

Being comfortable with your roommates is another major key.

I know next year I will not have an issue communicating certain things because sometimes it can it be hard to tell your roommates when something is bothering you. With that also comes the cleanliness of the apartment, you have to be comfortable enough to communicate who's turn it is to take out the trash or wash the dishes, which can sometimes be awkward if you're not living with people that you are comfortable with.

Another crucial factor of living with someone you are close with has nothing to do with being in your living space but having someone to do other things with. Going shopping, making trips to the gym, running quick errands, grocery shopping, out on the town, etc. You want to live with someone that you want to do those things with because it makes your living situation so much better.

It is really important to live with someone you are comfortable with on all fronts because there are a lot of situations and circumstances that arise when you have roommates. It is vital to understand and listen to each other when there are issues, but it is just as important to be able to communicate no matter what the situation.

I can't wait to come back from my classes next semester and see my best friend/roommate's smiling face.

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