I was not your stereotypical Greek. I don't drink. I don't like partying. I'm not the biggest social butterfly in the world.

I wasn't the kind of girl that my high school friends pictured going Greek. Whenever I voiced my interest, I got a lot of questioning looks and and cautious remarks from peers and teachers alike.

They didn't really understand why I wanted to go Greek.

To them, going Greek was secretly for all the reasons I listed.

To me, it was a culmination of how I was raised.

I am what is called a Legacy. My mother and aunt were both part of an organization on campus when they went to my university. My father was also part of an organization on campus during his time in college.

Unlike most people considering taking on letters, I grew up with parents who understood what it was all about. I grew up knowing what a sorority and fraternity mean to their members. I was raised with my mom and aunt being open to explaining the relationship they had with their sisters and how they started up their chapter of their organization here on campus.

I was lucky. Not many people have families that are so completely understanding and open to the idea of joining an organization.

Everyone assumed that I would want to join my mother's organization. It's not that simple.

Being a Legacy is a lot more that having a guaranteed bid to join the organization. I wanted to want them for the girls that were in the organization now, and not for the women who started up the chapter 25 years ago, and that can sometimes be hard to come to terms with.

Not everyone is happy with the group that currently runs the chapter, yet they still join.

Sometimes it's the external pressures from their mothers, sisters, and aunts that push them to join. Other times its the innate fear of disappointing them. Still, it can stem from a place of insecurity, a place where they may believe they are not good enough to join any other group.

If you are a Legacy, please, keep your mind and heart open to every single organization on campus. Don't build up any particular organization. Don't listen to any of the other girls rushing and their negative opinions to your number one.

If your number one is your Legacy organization, that's great! Make sure you are doing it for you, and that you love the girls, their values, and their hearts.

If your number one is not your Legacy organization, that's totally and completely okay. Don't feel bad or ashamed by it. You're rushing to find your home for your time in college. If those girls love and accept you for who you are, then it doesn't and shouldn't matter which letters they wear on their jersey.

With Spring recruitment starting this month, I wish everyone interested good luck! . Don't force yourself to like an organization because you have one friend there, or it's your Legacy. Stay true to yourself and your values throughout the week and everything will fall into place. Trust the process my friends. Remember to hold your letters with pride and love, and they will love you back. There is history in every organization, so take the time to thank those who came before you and plan where you want to help your organization go in the future.

Much love,

A fellow Greek

P.S. If things don't work out, know that they happen for a reason. I will write about my personal experiences another time. Good luck.