When the pressure is put on you, it feels like you are in a dark room and a spotlight is put directly on you. That the whole world is watching you and judging your every move.

For years I have been held to such high expectations, whether it was from family, friends, professors, or co-workers. But these expectations can take a toll on you.

It is really hard to please everyone while being able to give yourself a mental break.

Needing everyone's approval for something can be emotionally draining.

It causes a toll on your relationships and assignments.

It makes you feel like you have spread yourself too thin, and how could you possibly think that you could take one more thing on.

Remember that this is your race and no one else's.

You are doing this for yourself.

Not for anyone else.

I know it can be hard to remember that in the moment.

The moment when everyone is telling you what to do or how to act.

The moment when you feel like a failure because you think you let someone down.

The moment when you didn't live up to someone else's expectations of you.

It is your life.

You can make your own decisions about what you want.

You can make your own decisions about anything.

In the moment it can be hard.

In the moment you feel weak.

In the moment you feel like everything you are doing is wrong.

I promise you that feeling will change.

But it will only change when you stop giving everyone around you the power.

No one around you is in charge of your life.

So own your life.

Stop trying to impress everyone around you, it will make you exhausted.

Because at the end of the day you simply can't please everyone.