What is like to have your own apartment?

Ever since I moved to college, I have always wanted to live in an apartment of my own. While that was not possible freshman year, I moved out of my dorm the first opportunity that I got.

I am not saying that the dorms are horrible, but a little part of me always wanted to live on my own. I wondered what living in an apartment would be like.

In my mind, it was all about the cute decorations, the fairy lights, the larger bed, the private bathroom, and the idea that I would be living with my friends.

But when I came face-to-face with this situation, all I could do was appreciate the luxury that I grew up in.

Growing up in India, we had domestic aids for almost everything. While I did learn how to do the basic chores around the house, the majority of the work was already done for me.

So for me, moving into an apartment was a bigger change than I could ever imagine.

It was the first time I was going to manage myself on my own and while I was excited, a little part of me was also scared.

As I settled into my apartment, I was faced with several situations where I thought, "OMG what is going on?".

From the apartment flooding because I put the wrong detergent in the dishwasher, to accidentally setting off the smoke detector when I tried to cook for the first time, to recently when I had to help my roommate fix her blinds.

As I see my progression, I can only say that living on your own is bittersweet.

It makes you independent, but it also makes you miss the comforts of your home more than you could ever imagine.

As someone who grew up having access to help most of the time, I can say with pride that living alone has developed my domestic skills. At the same time, it has made me appreciate people and what they do more.

It has made me more independent and has taught me to learn things. I would never voluntarily cook before, and while I am not a master chef, now cooking does not seem like a gigantic task to me anymore.

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