Living on the Coast
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Living on the Coast

Ten Things I Miss

Living on the Coast

Last year my husband and I moved away from coastal Mississippi to northern Mississippi. We were ecstatic to move to a new town, having lived in the same city for most of our lives. While our new home is great, nothing compares to living on the coast, and we didn't quite understand that until we left. The fact is - life is just different when you live right by the water.

1) Seagulls

The constant sound of seagulls is no more north of the gulf. I honestly miss the seagulls' unrelenting caws while doing my routine grocery shopping! They serve as a monotonous calming background sound.

2) Salty Air

The air feels entirely different. The first time we visited the gulf after moving we could feel the air change immediately. The sea breeze tickling your face stirs a peace and joy within you like nothing else.

3) Sand Everywhere

While I may have thought the sand scattered throughout the entire town was bothersome when I lived on the coast, I longed to feel it between my toes again as soon as I moved. During the fall when the sandy beaches are cool, traipsing barefoot along the shoreline is the best feeling.

4) Sunsets

The sunsets on the coast (especially right on the beach) are amazing. They are like water color portraits across the entire sky, casting the entire town in a beautiful hue for the brief duration of the sunset.

5) Summer Showers

I love coastal thunderstorms. You can feel the storm brewing hours before it hits. Sitting by a window with rain pounding against the side of the house provides the perfect atmosphere to nap, read a book, or watch a movie.

6) Fiddler Crabs

Tiny little crabs are everywhere. I remember being on the playground at my elementary school as a kindergartner and watching crabs scuttle by the slides. It is just one of those things that gives the coast its charm.

7) Low Tide

I love when the water has receded so much you can walk far out into the gulf. It allows you to observe little critters and sea life you wouldn't normally see during high tide. The sand is gooey and squishes between your toes, and you can spot all of the hermit crabs.

8) Summer Sun

The sun's rays feel different lying on the coast. They bake your skin and warm your heart all at once.

9) Piers

Sitting on a pier dangling your feet in the warm water is a great (and free) date. They also provide breathtaking scenery - waves crash against the barnacle encrusted stilts and provide perching zones for pelicans.

10) Beach Bonfires

Bonfires on the beach are amazing - laying out a blanket on the sand and roasting marshmallows and hotdogs with all of your friends while listening to the water stir behind you.

Living by the water is peaceful and lovely, and I miss it everyday.

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