13 Reasons To Love The Beach

Since Spring Break is upon many of us, I figured it was time to break out the flip flops and head to the beach! It is pretty darn hard not to love the beach because it tends to be a universal place for relaxation and joy. Grab your sunscreen and let's take a stroll to reflect on the most incredible aspects of a beach getaway.

1. The sweet sound of waves crashing.

Whether you hear small waves gently lapping against the shore or large waves ferociously tumbling up the sand, you are bound to be transported to your happy place. The water's rhythmic hum is enough to relax your mind, or even lull you off to sleep.

2. The feeling of sand between your toes.

All types of sand are welcome here: warm sand, cool sand, dry sand, or wet sand!

3. That "beachy" smell!

This one is a little harder to explain, but I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. It smells like a combination of salt water and sunscreen. Really, it's heavenly.

4. Going for super long walks.

I know this one is a little more cliche, but who doesn't love a nice long walk on the beach? There's just something so magical about it!

5. Collecting shells!

There is nothing more exciting than finding a beautiful shell, shark's tooth, or sand dollar nestled in the sand. Just be careful not to disturb or harm any live critters!

6. Soaking up the sun!

Just make sure to wear sunscreen and bring your sunglasses! Getting some sun is all fun and games until you burn up and look like a lobster!

7. Gentle ocean breezes!

What could be more refreshing than a cool, salty breeze blowing through your hair as you sit on the shore?

8. Admiring the incredible marine wildlife.

Because seashells are basically pieces of art and dolphins are the coolest animals ever.

9. Sunrise and sunset!

What's more magnificent than capturing a glorious sunrise or sunset from the shore? They make for some beautiful photographs and incredible memories.

10. FOOD!

There's always tasty food at the beach! Enjoy some fish tacos, crab cakes, grilled meats, fried appetizers, ice cream cones, or whatever your favorite beach treat happens to be!

11. Going for a swim!

It's nice to kick your legs back and just sort of bob around with the waves. Just make sure not to get swept away with the current!

12. Beach souvenir shops.

Though you've probably grown out of that phase where every time you set foot in a beach shop, you demanded a pet hermit crab, it's still fun to browse the souvenir shops and maybe pick up a t-shirt or hat.

13. Pure relaxation!

Whether you're looking to have lazy afternoons under the sun or adventure-filled hikes along the water's edge, the beach is the perfect place to get away from the stressors of your daily life and connect with yourself!

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