So, I'm sure you've heard the whole thing about living with your best friend. Everyone always says "don't do that, you'll end up hating each other." And while that may be true for some people, it's definitely not true for my best friend and me.

Since we were best friends all throughout high school, it was a pretty easy decision to live together once we got to college. We're both really easy going people, so we never really thought anything of it. We were sure it would work out.

And it did. Here we are at the very end of freshman year, and we have yet to kill each other. We've hardly even disagreed about anything. I think, as long as you both understand each other's ways/habits beforehand and communicate effectively, it should work. It's also beneficial that we had been best friends for so long, as that meant we already knew practically everything about the other. Since we're so similar and understand the other, we've really had no problems living together at all. We basically do everything together; we eat lunch together, get coffee together, watch movies together, and go pretty much everywhere with each other. Living together has not only been easy and fun, it's also brought us closer.

I highly recommend living with your best friend, and although I'm not saying it will work for everyone, it definitely worked for my best friend and me.