Live Everyday Like It's A Saturday
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Live Everyday Like It's A Saturday

Life is short

Live Everyday Like It's A Saturday

I recently had the pleasure of meeting an elderly man who gave me a piece of advice that has stuck with me. We were discussing his past and everything he has accomplished when he stopped mid-sentence.

He said, “I have had a great life. Do you know why?” I asked, “Why, what’s your secret?” He responded with, “I have lived every day like it’s a Saturday, and you should too.”

Since our encounter, I have carried this phrase with me. This is such an inspiring thing to say to a confused college student. Whether you are stressed out about a big test coming up, or your planner looks like it got attacked by small children, still try to act like it’s a Saturday. There is nothing like looking forward to Saturday after a long and stressful week. So, here are seven reasons why you should “live everyday like it’s a Saturday.”

Saturdays are the best days of the week. You get to sleep in and take a break from your hectic schedule. It’s a nice break from the rest of the week.

Saturdays are never the same. It can be a date night, GNO, study session with friends, the possibilities are endless. This is what makes Saturdays so special. You never know how your weekend will be spent.

Saturdays don’t require us to go to class. Most of us spend five days a week going to class, but Saturdays are a great break from it. Forget the endless amounts of homework you have; it can wait.

Saturdays are for adventuring. I don’t know about you, but my school is surrounded by all sorts of activities that I have yet to try out. Whether it is going to the zoo, a sporting event, a hike or just wandering into a cute little coffee shop. Saturdays are for exploring.

Saturdays are for late nights with friends. You know what I am talking about; those nights where you don’t even realize it’s already 3 a.m. You just know you’re having fun. Nights like these cause endless amounts of laughs and a lot of memories.

Saturdays are for ditching the planners. There is no need start your to-do list on Saturday, that’s what Sundays are for. In fact, don’t even open it on Saturday.

Saturdays are for impulse decisions. If your friends ask to take a spontaneous road trip Saturday morning, you go. You happen to wander into the mall and want to buy that cute purse, or pair of shoes? Go for it. Saturdays are meant for impulsive decisions, that will make the best stories.

No matter how you spend your Saturday nights, just make sure you live your life like it’s always a Saturday. You will find yourself having the best time of your life when you start appreciating every day of the week. So, stop dreading Mondays and start treating them like Saturdays.

You never know when it will be your last Saturday.

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