41 Little Words That Sparked My Heart

41 Little Words That Sparked My Heart

Find your words, hold on tight, and enjoy all this life has to bring.

Katie Harper


Running my fingers over the four simple letters that were scratched into my lacrosse stick again… and again. I look up.

Breathe… Look up… Breathe.

“You’re Bigger Than This”

Ever since I was a kid, there was something about words and their weight that caught my heart. As I would listen to my parents talk over the bonfire each Sunday night, these words became my anchors. Throughout the stories they told, there would continuously be a break, a pause, that was followed by a chain of little words that struck me. These little words seemed to symbolize the greater meaning to this life, the greater meaning to their testimonies. As I walked through my own journey, I held words that, in little moments, ended up holding me.

There are moments in life, where all you can do is hold onto something as small as those four little letters and look up, and trust the weight of each word as it catches your heart.

41 little words that have caught my own...

1. “Fulfill each breath.”

2. “Keep a fire in your soul.”

3. “Spark a fire in another’s…”

4. “Treat each heart that comes into your life as one you can move.”

5. “Be Brave. Be Kind. Speak that beautiful Mind.”

6. “For it is by Grace, you have been saved.” Ephesians 2:8

7. “It takes someone strong, to make someone strong”

8. “Watch as God writes your story...”

9. “… You have the power to tell it.”

10. “You are fearfully, and wonderfully, made.” Psalm 129:14

11. “Lose sleep for the sunrise.”

12. “Let your soul and spirit fly.”

13. “God’s rejection, is God’s protection.”

14. “Dance to the beat of your own drum. Or Coldplay. Always Coldplay."

15. “No Worries.”

16. “The heart of this life is so... so... good.”

17. “Life is better at the Lake. Specifically Lake Geneva.”

18. “Set your mind on things above.”

19. “Each breath you breathe has been given to you, use them in his name.”

20. “Where you invest your love, you invest your life.”

21. “Walk humbly.”

22. “'Til I fly with you again, Dad.”

23. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13

24. “Love never gives up.” 1 Corinthians 13

25. “Pray.”

26. “Keep that soul sweet.”

27. “… and hold Grace in your heart.”

28. “Live Large.”

29. “Your family is your team. Team Harper.”

30. “My favorite team is ours.”

31. “Never too high. Never too low.”

32. “'Four' hearts. 'One' Earthly father. 'One' Heavenly Father; together.”

33. “Even your hero had a hero.”

34. “Be Love.”

35. “Be Loved.”

36. “You are always welcome home.”

37. “Enjoy every sandwich.”

38. “Leave each heart better than you found it.”

39. “Its worth it to know your maker.”

40. “You will and can do anything in this world, Katiegirl.” -MDH

41. “You're Bigger Than This.”

Listen to the words of others. Find your own. Hold on tight, and enjoy all this life has to bring.

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