Dear little siblings,

I am moving into my college dorm in a week which means all of our lives are going to change, some of us more than others. Although I will be only living 15 minutes away, it'll be the greatest distance that has ever separated us. Because of this, there are a few things you should remember as I transition into a new part of life.

Firstly, you won't see me as much as you used to, and that's normal. Between school work, new friends, and a new job, my schedule will be pretty packed. However, that doesn't mean you are less important than those things, it means I'm about to learn how to balance life as an adult. You are my family, and you will always be a crucial part of my life even if I don't get to see you every day.

Next, I believe in all of you. I've always hoped to be the kind of big sister that you can look up to. I hope that I've taught you things about life, perhaps not directly, but in the way that I live. With that said, I know without a doubt that there are lessons that you all have taught me. Every one of you has different personalities, strengths, and challenges that will help you grow into the people you are meant to be. You will face situations where people will question who you are or try to put you down for being yourself. Just know that I see you for who God made you to be, and I stand behind your dreams and aspirations all the way.

Finally, trust that no matter where life takes all of us, we are family, and family sticks together. Everyone makes mistakes growing up, and y'all are no exception. Messing up teaches us more about life than succeeding, so don't be afraid to fall. Specifically, for the two of you in high school, more mistakes will be made because you will learn more about yourself than ever before. Choose kindness and know that sometimes when people are mean it's because they are hurting more than anyone can see. I am your big sister, and that means that although I may not agree with every choice you make, I will stand by you.

I can't wait to see all of you grow and discover more of what makes you truly yourself.

I love you guys and will always be here for you.