Little Girl, Little Girl, Don't Let Him Be Mean To You

This is inspired by something that I see daily where little boys are 'cute' for 'teasing' girls.

She keeps her head held high,

Despite her trembling lip,

And the burning in her eyes,

She won’t let him see her cry,

She only has her pride,

As he laugh and call her names,

Pointing out her flaws,

Never letting her have rest,

He’s just a boy they say,

He don't really mean it,

But she’s a child too,

She sees it in his eyes,

He finds joy in her pain,

And not getting scolded for it,

To him it’s all a game,

He want her to cry,

He happily tell her she should die,

All the while adults side by the side,

Saying how cute it is,

That it doesn’t mean any harm,

But it does,

Just because he’s a little boy,

He only does it because he likes he likes her,

But that doesn't make it any less mean,

Words can hurt too,

That it’s not ‘cute’ to be mean,

It’s not sweet when he tugs on her pigtails,

If it was another girl,

She would be pulled aside and scolded,

So why do we do it,

Why do we raise them like that,

That if a boy is mean,

He likes you so don’t be upset,

It’s not bullying then,

But no matter what it is the same,

So why?

Why do we teach them that it’s not?
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