Let's Play Catch Up
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Let's Play Catch Up

I just want to get personal and a little catch up.

Let's Play Catch Up

I just wanted to have a little chat with everyone? I do not want to give a list of things to do or a paragraph on my thought of a certain movie or TV show. I just want to get personal with you and just tell you what has been going on lately!

Well first off spring break for Mississippi State is next week, the 12-16 and BOY am I excited! I have two or three big days planned. I am going to shopping with a friend who is getting married in October and I am honored to be one of her bridesmaids, so we are going to go shopping for a dress.

My other Brittney and I are hopefully going to go the beach and spend all day getting a tan and taking some cute Tumblr style pictures ( which I need to go shopping to get some cute clothes because I have NONE )

I get to spend a whole day with my boyfriend whom I am miss so dearly! His school does not go for spring break until the end of March so I am spending the whole day Saturday with him!

And of course, I get to see my family and my little fur babies!

I am looking forward to spring and summer. I usually don't like the heat and the sand and ocean water and just summer, but lately my mind has started to appreciate the pastels blue, pink, yellow and purples of the spring, the blazing sun that heating my body and the run spots where the sun favored one spot more than the other, the sandy beaches, the seawater that has a whole separate world down in its depths.

The most important thing is WE HAVE NO SCHOOL. I have suffered from three bad anxiety attacks these past two weeks. One big one is a scientific paper I have to write for my Physiology of Reproduction. I was so worried about it and I talked to my teacher about it and she said "I am not looking out for a specific chunk of information for the topic that you choose, I am more interested in what you bring to the table and what you find.'' BOY I WAS RELIEVED

That reminds me of God.

We worry about acting a specific way or we worry about not knowing all the Bible verses. We worry about how we are going to make a mistake.

When God is saying " I am not interested in you acting a certain way, You are not made to know every single detail about my word, because some of it I left for you not to know until a certain day, I am interested in you to have your own judgement, I am interested in you finding your own Revelation. I want you to be so in love with me, that you know the desires of my heart and you follow me and obey my Commandment because you want to serve me and make me proud."

Being a Christian isn't about knowing John 3:16 and acting thou you are Holier than everyone else, It about knowing the truth, to preach the gospel to all and be the salt and light of the earth, You were made it my image so once you accept me in your life, my image shall shine right through you naturally.

I also had my Reproduction Exam II yesterday so that big test is out of worry!

I am heading home Friday morning and I can't wait for the week ahead! I hope everyone who had spring break March 12-16 has a great one! BYE!

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