5 Spotify Podcasts for Long Drives

5 Spotify Podcasts To Help Pass The Time On A Long Drive

They're fun, they're intriguing, and they're different.


The six-hour drive home was so much more interesting while I was listening to these podcasts than it would've been just listening to music.

1. "Serial Killers"

Obviously, the topic of this podcast is in its title…serial killers! It looks into understanding the psychological profile of notorious serial killers; how they killed, why they killed, what caused them to start killing, etc. Getting into the mind of a serial killer is very fascinating stuff because they tend to be pretty normal people, aside from the fact that they murder people. H. H. Holmes was the first serial killer podcast I ever listened to which led me to write a paper about him for one of my classes. So, if you're interested in learning about murder, I highly recommend this podcast.

2. "Criminology"

Another podcast about criminals because what's more interesting than that. I've watched so many criminal shows growing up including "CSI", "NCIS", "Criminal Minds", and "SVU" that this podcast appealed perfectly to my interests. Some of the criminals overlapped with the serial killer podcast but the criminology podcast went more in-depth with the investigations of the criminals and their crimes. Some of it can be quite disturbing but it is very interesting to hear what these criminals have done and how the investigation turned out. There are more criminals to look into than just serial killers in this podcast.

3. "And That's Why We Drink"

There seems to be a pattern in the type of podcasts I listen to... Once again, this podcast includes a true crime story! To spice it up, it also includes some type of paranormal story. The topics are sent in by fans and researched by the creators of the podcast. Two friends who love crime and ghosts, what could be better than that? Before they launch into their stories, they provide personal reasons for why they drink (milkshakes and wine) which makes them super relatable. They also seem to really enjoy themselves as they record their podcasts which makes it that much better when listening.

4. "TED Radio Hour"

I love TEDTalks! They're so inspiring and intriguing. An episode on TED Radio combines parts of various TEDTalks about a specific topic to provide listeners with different views on that topic. There are so many fascinating ideas to explore and there's no better way to learn about them than through motivational speakers.

5. "The NoSleep Podcast"

This is a new podcast I found. It's very creepy but I couldn't stop listening to it. It's called the "NoSleep Podcast" but I can't imagine listening to it right before bed. No way, José! The writers and actors are extremely talented because it sounds like it could be a true story. If you don't mind horror stories, this would be perfect for you.

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