We all have "that friend."

The one who has always been there for you for as long as you've known them, whether it's been 10 years or six months. Even if you don't like the term, this is your best friend. This is the person who is your ride or die. The person who helps you no matter what happens and the person who well... is probably right.

While our best friends relay a bunch of wisdom upon us, they usually tell us the same things that maybe for once... we should listen to.

1. "He's not the one."

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I know he's tall and cute, but if your best friend isn't a fan... maybe you should take a second look.

2. "That outfit looks great on you!"

Mean Girls


Your bestie would never steer you wrong.

3. "Don't buy that."

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See number 2.

4. "That sounds like a bad idea."

Parks and Rec


If your bestie isn't on board, then it might be a no-go.

5. "Stop being so dramatic!"

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Maybe the fact that you lost your favorite Chapstick isn't THAT big of a deal.

6. "Don't call him!"



Because he doesn't deserve to hear your voice and you don't need to waste your time.

7. "I don't trust her."



If your best friend doesn't trust her, then she has a pretty dang good reason.

8. "You should look for a new job."



If you're complaining THAT much about it, then maybe it's time to get in a better environment.

9. "It's going to be okay."



Because it will.

10. "I will always be there for you."

gossip girl


Because they will.