Reasons To Listen To 'Hamilton' Soundtrack
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15 Reasons You NEED to Listen to 'Hamilton' Right Now

You haven't heard it yet? Shame on you.

15 Reasons You NEED to Listen to 'Hamilton' Right Now

I still remember the very first time I heard a song from Hamilton's soundtrack. My AP European teacher played it to the class, and it seemed as though I was the only one on the edge of my seat. I ran to my next class and listened to the entire soundtrack throughout that day, and from there on, I was hooked. Composed of rap music, sorrow and sadness, a raw historical tale of an American founding father, you are bound to rethink the early America you once knew.

Here are my 15 reasons you NEED to listen to Hamilton's soundtrack NOW:

1. Sequential history


"Hamilton" is a sequential musical that highlights the life of Alexander Hamilton— one of the founding fathers— and the events that shaped the America we know today. Listening to the soundtrack from start to finish is the proper way to listen to "Hamilton."

2. You need to learn that Hamilton was NOT a president

Most people I have asked who Alexander Hamilton was have responded with "a previous president." Ignorance is bliss, but come on, guys… he was not a president, although he would have made a pretty great one!

3. Diverse cast


If you remember correctly, America was pretty white-washed at the time of Alexander Hamilton. However, if you weren't aware of this, you would believe America was diversity-rich based on "Hamilton" on Broadway. In Lin-Manuel Miranda's "Hamilton: An American Musical", the cast consists of incredibly diverse actors and singers, producers, and writers.

After hearing this soundtrack, I am sure you would agree that is how Hamilton would have wanted it.

4. Integrated hip-hop music


As you listen to this perfectly orchestrated soundtrack, you will hear many hints of hip hop and rap. These musical additives make this a Broadway musical production unlike any other. This soundtrack appeals to the ears of so many different people, and that is why "Hamilton" has become so successful.

5. The show is incredibly well-written and produced


A musical of this caliber has a talented, esteemed writer behind it, and he is named Lin-Manuel Miranda. His work was inspired by a growing interest into the life of Alexander Hamilton (combined with a love for the art of hip-hop and rap music). His writing has sparked an interest among people of all backgrounds, uniting an extensively large fan base to follow this show as it heads to multiple cities. Every situation within the soundtrack is written perfectly, allowing the listener to want to hear more.

6. It's raw and so real


This soundtrack highlights the history in the realest and rawest way possible. Miranda leaves no important detail absent, instead he includes all he could obtain (and that took A LOT of research!). Miranda connects to the story of Alexander Hamilton to his own family's journey, and that's pretty cool.

7. There are SO MANY scandals (yes, even in the late 1700's- early 1800's!)


Hamilton's alleged affair was without a doubt the biggest scandal of the late 1700's. Throughout his career, many were looking for ways to take Hamilton down, but it was only him to blame for this scandal. In the song "Say No To This," we hear exactly what the events leading up to this affair were— and trust me, it's a catchy tune.

8. Feminism!


Can someone say GIRL POWER? The Schyuler sisters demonstrate all that is great about feminism today and the women that they were. These sisters were independent, intelligent, and witty, beyond imagine. These women advocated for voting, women's rights, and the declaration that all men are in fact created equally.

9. "Hamilton" pushes social issues


Most of us have probably heard that Miranda was not shy of delivering a powerful message to Vice President Mike Pence at a showing of the production in New York City. This powerful message demonstrated the exact reason of this powerful production: inclusion. And the cast of "Hamilton" wanted to make sure he knew their motive, too. The platform Miranda has built has allowed a voice for so many, and this platform has no shied away from letting America know how they feel.

10. Oh, the intricacy


This musical is one of innate complexity. Everything seems to fit in a perfect puzzle, each aspect acting as a puzzle piece forming "Hamilton" as we know it today. Each aspect has a motive, from the diversity, to the rap music, even the hidden social motives.

11. The lyrics


The lyrics are thick with subtle hints of historical complexity. Each event has a connection to another, carefully connecting each song together in a sequential order. The lyrics hold so much meaning, whether they are in the format of rap or a ballad.

12. Education (you are learning SO much)


No, you aren't just learning how to count to ten in French as Eliza and Phillip sing a beautiful melody. You are learning a historical sequence of the rich American foundation. Everything from Hamilton and Burr's dual, to gaining independence from Britain, and even the juicy stuff like Hamilton's alleged affair.

13. The cabinet battles


When you listen to this soundtrack, be prepared for an "OMG" moment when you hear the cabinet battles. These songs embody everything that was true of debating/deciding how to deal with affairs in the America it once was (minus the slang and rap, of course). These songs are legitimately rap battles and I still cannot figure out how to deal with this amazing music.

And of course, these founding fathers roast each other on a whole new level!

14. Heartache and sadness


While this music is sure to have you on your feet, dancing like there's no one watching, it may also bring tears to your eyes. Many of the final songs such as "Stay Alive," "Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story," and "It's Quiet Uptown" are sure to make you rethink you entire existence.

15. "Hamilton" is seriously inspirational


Each time I listen to this soundtrack, I get chills. I become so excited to be alive in a time where we have productions and soundtracks that prove the very existence of our America. For a production that exemplifies exactly what Hamilton and his predecessors would have wanted for our America. One of diversity, equality, and success.

Moral of the story: go to Spotify right now and listen to "Hamilton: An American Musical" at once. You will not be disappointed. As for me, I will be here pining over Miranda's impeccable work and hoping he will see this article so I can finally get tickets to see this beautiful creation.

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