Listen To 'Exhale' By Sabrina Carpenter, And Exhale
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Listen To 'Exhale' By Sabrina Carpenter, And Exhale

Stop and breathe, please.

Listen To 'Exhale' By Sabrina Carpenter, And Exhale

About a month ago one of my friends sent me the song "Exhale" by Sabrina Carpenter, and I didn't think much of it. I played it in the background while I cleaned my room and then skipped to a new song. I didn't take the time to appreciate the song, and I really should've.

A few nights ago I don't know what hit me but I just didn't feel like myself, I was in a weird mood. Music is therapeutic to me, I feel as if it gives me a voice when no words are adequate to describe my emotions. This song was buried deep on my Spotify account but wound up playing for the rest of the night.

The song has a calming sense to it and is all about just taking a moment and actually breathing. The song makes your mind focus and I felt as if a weight was lifted off of my shoulders. The song isn't one of those sad songs you blast when you need to cry or one of those bops you scream to in your car. It's a song you listen to when you feel stressed or just not a hundred percent yourself.

Think about your life, where you are. Who you are, and most importantly how far you've come. Look around you and stop and smell the flowers. Know that even if things don't feel okay, they will be OK. Know your worth, your importance in this life, and that when it becomes too much you can sit back and exhale. Calm down and breathe.

This song allows me to open my mind, to reflect on all that has happened and process it. It is about the weight of the world and how at times you feel as if everything is happening too fast. Life can be stressful, no one has had an easy journey, and you are allowed to take a step back and catch your breath.

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