A List Of Things I Would Never Do Again

A List Of Things I Would Never Do Again

But I am so glad that I did

As human beings, we go through stages in our lives where we do stuff that we would never, ever, do again.

Here are 15 of mine:

1. Use black hair dye from a box. Especially the week of pictures. Seriously, I don't even know this girl.

2. Walk from one town to another.

When I was a Freshman in High School, my best friend and I thought it would be a good idea (and a great story to tell) if we walked home from school with no phone, no food, no water, in the cold November weather.

It did make a pretty funny story though, what can I say!

3. Dye my hair blue out of a box dye.

I woke up one day and decided I wanted blue hair because, why not? That same day I went to Wal-Mart and purchased a box-dye and had my sister dye my hair. The smell was extremely strong! Even after I washed it, it wouldn't go away. It was so bad that I passed out because apparently it gave me a migraine and I ended up in the hospital. The color washed off four days later and it wasn't even that blue.

4. Dye my hair grey out of a box dye... okay I'm starting to notice a pattern here

5. I'll never give that overly-friendly guy my real number again.

6. Let my Gmail inbox reach 5,000 unread messages.

7. I'll never put foil paper in the microwave. It catches fire, who would've thought!?

8. I'll never squirt ketchup on my food before shaking the bottle first. Ketchup juice is my worst enemy.

9. Shop at Aeropostale.

10. Wear six-inch stilettos to a concert.

11. Spend thousands of dollars on one trip, it's just not worth it when you are 19 years old.

12. Drink a Four Loko. Never, I mean NEVER again.

14. Sleep with my contacts on.

15. Get on a rollercoaster, not even if you pay me.

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Why Is Independence So Attractive?

You're an adult, it's time to start acting like one

The dating game is a social and primal sport played among all humans; it has many rules, both implied and unspoken. There are some traits and qualities that men and women both look for, and quite a few that turn them away as well. Above all, there are some things we all look for whether we are actually aware of them or not.

Let's say you're on a date with a very attractive person; they're kind, funny, and they can hold an intelligent conversation. The evening is going well until they tell you that their parents still do their laundry, they aren't working, they don't know how to cook, they can't change a tire, and they're still "figuring it out" when it comes to their career and life path.

Turned off? We all are.

Independence is one of the most attractive qualities a person can have. A person who is going places in life, a person who has a career and a plan for themselves, a person who does their own laundry and even knows how to remove a wine stain from a dress shirt...all of these are examples of qualities that we naturally find desirable.

Being your own person and not always relying on someone else for everything is important, but not only in dating, it is important for your own growth. You should be taking the steps toward adulthood in every aspect: assuming responsibility for your actions, forming meaningful and honest relationships, being punctual, learning life skills, pursuing a career, and beginning to learn everything else that comes along with "adulting". These steps may feel terrifying at first, but they will pay off.

Cover Image Credit: Mikayla Workman

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Having A Job During College Is A Good Thing, Even If You Don't Need it

Mostly, do it because it's fun.

Even if you don't need to because you can afford college, it is fun to have a campus job. Not only do you gain valuable work experience but you also understand how it feels to be independent while having a job. I do not need to take a job because my parents pay my whole tuition but that doesn't mean I can't help them and myself out.

It is hard for students who can't afford college and the facilities I do not need to think twice about because I am privileged and every day, I'm thankful for that. I recently applied for a campus job in the restaurants UCLA provides to the students and I got it. I haven't started yet but I am really excited to.

A friend of mine asked why I am taking a job if I don't necessarily need the money. Even if I don't need the money, every penny counts to help my parents. Also, equally importantly, I will be able to spend the money I earned without having the guilt of spending my parents' that constantly following me around. I will buy the things that make me happy with the money I earned from my hard work and that will make all the difference.

Having a job in college also makes you understand the expectations of the workplace that you are going to join fulltime after you graduate. Getting a job before that allows you to understand how to understand and navigate workplace culture. Graduating and plunging into the workplace without having an idea of it is going to be overwhelming.

Having a job as a college student allows you to make mistakes and mend them, something you will not be able to do when you get out of college. Right now, as a college student, you have a leeway you will never have in another time period of your life. You are able to make mistakes and learn from them, and there won't be drastic consequences to your mistakes.

Also, getting a job in your college is not hard because you don't necessarily need to have prior work experience, just a friendly demeanor and a willingness to work hard.

Getting a job also looks really good on your resume as employers understand that you are able to handle the college course load and a job simultaneously. It shows how responsible you can be and how well you can manage your time.

Basically, as Sylvia Mathews Burwell says "Job training empowers people to realize their dreams and improve their lives."

Cover Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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