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New Country/Hip Hop artist Lil Nas X just came out with his new EP which he calls "7". He recently blew up with his single "Old Town Road" which later turned into a remix with Billy Ray Cyrus.

This song which topped hot 100 for the 7th week. Coming out of nowhere, Lil Nas X has stolen the hearts of millions. Many have been waiting for his new releases, but would it live up to his "Old Town Road" hype?

His New EP just came out and let me tell you, it does not disappoint. All the songs on this EP stay true to the Lil Nas X style of Hip Hop and Country mixed together. This is just recently a popular genre of the 2000s.

This first gained popularity with songs such as "Cruise remix" by Florida Georgia Line ft. Nelly, "Family Don't Matter" by Young Thug ft. Millie Go Lightly, and "Like a Farmer" by Lil Tracy. The genre in the past 5 years has come to a peak.

7 - EP features 8 songs including Old Town Road and the remix with Billy Ray, but also features new songs. One of the hottest songs on the EP is titled "Panini", talking about his success and the people who don't want to see him blow up. He also has a song with Cardi B titled "Rodeo".

Although each song is pretty short, the longest of them being 2 minutes and 45 seconds, but they are all so catchy and upbeat that you want to listen to them again and again.

I've listened to this EP on repeat since it came out and haven't got bored of it yet. Some songs stay with his western theme while others talk about other themes such as family and his career. This EP is a great follow up to his recent success.

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