Like To Stargaze? Do It While Listening To These Songs
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Like To Stargaze? Do It While Listening To These Songs

These songs will only heighten the stargazing experience, especially if you're doing it with a special someone;)

Like To Stargaze? Do It While Listening To These Songs

1. "How To Fly" by Sticky Fingers

1. "How To Fly" by Sticky Fingers

"How To Fly" has such relaxing tone accompanied by deeper lyrics that give you the option to just vibe to the song, or really dive into the real meaning of the lyrics. Sticky Fingers has that casual vibe to them that makes their sound deliver a very effortless feel. The subtle hints of their Australian accents coming out really puts the cherry on top though.

2. "text talk touch" by Alt Bloom

This song talks about the stages of a relationship starting. It's a cute lightweight song that makes you feel warm inside. There is something about cute flirty songs that make me happy, whether I'm experiencing those emotions or not. Alt Bloom's sound is very on trend with where today's music is heading.

3. "Hail Mary" by Jesse Barrera and Tim Atlas

This is another one of those flirty songs that make you happy on the inside. It's soothing and just all around such a mood setter. It flows so nicely and doesn't require too much thought either.

4. "Agreeable" by Cautious Clay

Cautious Clay's voice is already relaxing, but when you add the beat and the lyrics with it, it creates such a soothing song. It has a good flow that isn't too overwhelming and doesn't interrupt the mood. The R&B mix with pop sound make for a very attractive sound that will only contribute to your star watching experience.

5. "On Time" by Wallows

Wallows just consistently makes amazing songs that are able to make you think, but also allow you to sit back and relax. This song has more of an old school sound that resembles the sound of a 60's boy band. It's very melodic and dreamy sounding which makes it such a good stargazing song.

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