Life Lessons I Learned From My Grandma

Life Lessons I Learned From My Grandma

She taught me that memories last forever even though people don't.

We've all learned a few life lessons from every single person in our lives. Whether their impact was big or small, they had one and they taught us something. May it be a simple "hello" from a stranger that taught you to be more welcoming to people, or the reiterated "don't touch the stove when it's hot" from our parents that we were told when we were young, everyone learns a few things here and there.

However, it's not everyday that someone impacts your life so heavily and teaches you so many life lessons. For me, my grandma was one of the most amiable, passionate life-lesson givers I've ever met. Throughout my years of life, she taught me a few things that I'll remember forever.

She taught me that even though people get old, the stories never do. If there's one thing I'll never forget about her it's her story-telling persona that came to life every time I went to go visit. Whether it was stories from when she was a kid, when she was in college and her dorm, no joke, had a curfew (or so she said), when she met my grandpa and had all their endless stories and adventures of 6 kids, or even stories from just a few years back, I was always open-eared and ready to make mental note of them. Although she aged, the content of her stories never did. Day by day she surprised me with something new, all the memories she had and decided to share.

She taught me that it's okay to have your own opinions about people. We all do it, it happens to each and every one of us. She taught me that even though people all resonate the same meaning, we all have a different purpose and we're allowed to think what we want of someone else's purpose. Whether it be kind, indifferent, or uncanny, the opinions are always there and although we can ignore them, we mustn't forget that they'll always be there somewhere.

She taught me to strut my style and own it. She was a style queen if I ever knew one and she showed me the ropes of fashion as I know it today. I'll forever look up to the style that she owned. It's not every day that one would get to go to their grandma's and tell her a shirt of hers was cute and she'd offer it off to you as if it meant nothing to her. For me it was like that all the time. A lot of my style comes from her, inspiration and article wise, and I wouldn't want it any other way.

She taught me that some people talk through an entire TV show and you're just going to have to move past it. I mean, of course it's kind of bothersome, but once it's gone you learn that you're just going to have to appreciate it when other people do it. Appreciate their opinions, their words, their thoughts, appreciate what they have to say. Remember it, because the TV show is never as important as what they have to say.

She taught me to be a bargain shopper (okay mom, you too, but for the time being). She'd always get her clothes at a discounted price, cheap and chic. She taught me that name brands are just that: name brands, and that there's so much more to fashion than just them. She taught me that the bargain shopping is the key to life, and as a style-guru, she really hit the jackpot on some of the things she owned.

She taught me to always offer your guests something to eat and drink. I swear, there wasn't a time that I'd go over there and she didn't have something ready for me, or anyone else who was there. Common courtesy, of course, but it's the thought that's put into it that matters.

She taught me to always "listen to your mother." God, the amount of times I heard her say that. But of course, everyone should listen to their mother, and so she wasn't wrong about that.

She taught me that no one's cooking was better than hers. She was always making something, and it never stopped. Though her last few years of life she wasn't as quick to get out and make her daily dinner, rather to have a burger from Burger King or a taco from Taco Bell, I'll never forget how great of a cook she was. Her Thanksgiving stuffing, wow. Everyone deserves to try that at least once in their lives.

She taught me that memories last forever even though people don't. It's hard to lose someone; it never comes easy. But most importantly, the times you shared with them will always be memories you get to have and hold. She taught me to cherish them and to never let them go.

And last but not least, she taught me to cherish the people in your life, day by day, because you never know when your last day with them will be.

Cover Image Credit: Abby Graf

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You Will Always Need Your Grandma

They Are Some Of The Greatest Human Beings You Will Ever Know

Always is no exaggeration, you'll always need your grandma.

"A grandmother is a remarkable woman. She's a wonderful combination of warmth and kindness, laughter and love. She overlooks our faults, encourages our dreams, and praises our every success."- Author Unknown

They Are Your Biggest Fans:

Maybe even beating out your parents for that title...grandmas are truly your number one fans. From tennis matches, to softball and volleyball games, to the countless dance recitals and competitions, it always made my heart smile to look out from the stage or the court and see my grandma sitting there. She didn't have to be there sitting on uncomfortable bleachers, she wanted to be, and it always meant the world to me; even if I didn't express it at the time.

They Are The Greatest Porch Swing Companions:

One of my favorite and greatest memories of growing up is sitting on the front porch swing with my grandma. From the time when my feet didn't quite touch the ground sitting in the swing and hers did, to my feet touching the ground and her legs getting just a little bit shorter. All of the years in between provided some of the best advice, and were some of the many moments I wish that I could have recorded. There were less hours on the swing as I got older and busier, but I always know exactly where to go if I ever need to. Moving away for college, I realize just how much I miss being eight or nine sitting on the front porch swinging and talking for hours.

The Wisdom:

Only one of the many many things they have to offer you. They are full of so many stories, life lessons, and possible answers to your problems. You learn to appreciate the wisdom more and more as you get older. You realize that just as you are getting older, they are too. I recently bought a journal called My Grandma In Her Own Words. Inside the pages are questions to ask your grandma such as, "What is your earliest childhood memory?" I can't wait to spend the whole summer filling it.

Are They Not The Cutest:

I say this at least twice a week...she is the cutest human being alive. Their style, to the fabulous music they listen to, to everything in between. My grandma walked at least 16 miles in Washington D.C. in loafers and the cutest vest/scarf combo I've ever seen... that woman, let me tell ya. On a serious note, whenever I'm told I look a little bit like my grandma, I LOVE it. I take pride in the fact that someone sees a little bit of her in me, because she is gorgeous.

You Have No Idea How To Live Without Them:

Quite simply, they are one of the most influential women in your life. From being little, to being a newly minted adult, I still call my grandma almost everyday; sometimes just to hear her voice. They are some of the greatest human beings you will ever know. They make you a better person, all while showing you an unconditional love that only they can.

All the love in the world for you, sweet woman.

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Having Grandparents Like Mine Is Nothing Short Of A Gift From Above

Definiton of grandparents: wisdom.

I am a "grandparents" girl. People always say "I'm a daddy's girl" or "I am a momma's girl," and while I can be both of those as well, I am forever and always a grandparents' girl. I am so blessed to have rocking grandparents on both sides of my family, and I cherish special advice, words of wisdom, and memories from each.

Grandparents are such a such a special, unique gift, and, while it is possible I may be slightly bias, I think I have some pretty great ones. Spending a lot of time with grandparents as a little girl, I don't think I truly appreciated what all they do until I got to be older. Now that I'm away at college, I miss the times where I would sit on the counter to "help" my grandmother cook or my grandparents and I would make those after school ice cream pit stops, despite my mom's "healthy snacks" rule.

However, as you get older, you learn that grandparents give sound, awesome advice. No matter what problem I may have or what struggle I may be going through, they have most likely been through it and are always willing to give me the best words of wisdom.

Thats what grandparents are- wisdom. They spoil us, love us, nurture us, and most importantly they play such a crucial role in shaping the people we turn out to be.

Grandparents also lend out tremendous amounts of support. Whether it be a tennis match, awards day, or horse show, I could always count to see at least 1/4 of my grandparent squad cheering me on.

Grandparents are also love. Not only do they love us and say that they love us- they show how much they love us through their kind, gracious, selfless ways.

I am forever thankful for all of my grandparents, the lessons they have taught me, the memories we have made, and the huge impacts they have made and continue to make in my life. Grandparents are the bomb!

Cover Image Credit: Mackenzie Jackson

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