What It's Really Like Growing Up With Twin Siblings

Being related to twin sisters (or brothers, in some cases) is both a blessing and a curse. It’s double the trouble, but also double the fun. And yes, after several years I can finally tell them apart…most of the time.

You’re Dealing With Double Trouble.

Twins are two almost equivalent human beings; they’re the closest thing in mankind to clones. My twin sisters often act as “one,” or as a single presence as opposed to two separate personas. Together, they are literally double everything. Their presence is amplified and times two. Their personalities, already quite similar, become overwhelmingly powerful when combined. Taking them to a party? Double the craziness. Exploring somewhere new and exciting? Double the adventurers. Having a girls night? Double the silly stories and laughter. Sometimes it’s a lot to digest, and other times it’s a boat load of fun. When I can no longer handle such intensity, hanging out one-twin-at-a-time is always my go-to method.

They Love Ganging Up.

Fighting with my twin siblings is never pretty. It’s either me and one twin against the other, or me versus the two of them (which, yes, is indeed my least favorite). Team double-trouble often likes to gang up on me during an argument, and it’s nothing like you can imagine. We all get in fights with a friend, a sister, a brother, but have you ever gotten into a fight with a set of twins? It’s a full-on nightmare. Two like-minded forces are viciously coming at your neck. It’s like arguing with a superhuman; double the screaming, double the sassy comments, double the insulting, and double the opposition (and even sometimes if it gets too wild, double the angry fists). Although it’s a struggle, I’ve managed to grow accustomed to their “oneness” and can hold my own…for the most part.

They Do A Lot Of “Twin Things.”

I’ve learned that twins have some unique tricks up their sleeves that only the twin community knows about. I refer to them as "twin things." They take advantage of the fact that they're each others doppelgangers. In school, they’ll sometimes switch classrooms and slyly wait for the teacher to notice. These jokesters get away with it more than you think. They’ll say sentences in sync with one another and boy, even though it has a nice little harmony to it, it's still pretty creepy. I’ve been out a couple of times with them and occasionally when we meet someone new, they'll introduce themselves at the exact same time by exclaiming, “we’re identical twins!” Exact. Same. Time. You should see the look on these strangers’ faces; their jaws drop and they’re absolutely mind-blown. It's like they've encountered aliens or something. But I can't blame them, twins are pretty darn close. The syncing varies, sometimes my siblings will say their names at the same time: “we’re Elly and Bergen!” Other times, it’ll be their birthday, what grade they’re in, their favorite TV show, and the list goes on.

Another twin thing I notice is when they wear identical outfits. I’m not sure if they’re trying to fool me by dressing the same or if they just really like matching. But let me tell you, from behind it’s almost impossible to tell them apart. Even from the side it's tricky. A full on frontal view makes identifying which twin is which much easier since I can see obvious facial differences.

You Have Two Best Friends.

Having twin siblings is like living with your two best friends. They provide double the emotional support, four shoulders to cry on (two per sibling), two different perspectives on important matters, and double the company. I'm so thankful to always have my double-trouble team to save me on my moody days. Also, if someone's putting me down or giving me a hard time, I always have both of them by my side through it all. The package deal has its perks, too.

Having twin siblings can sometimes make you feel like the outsider, but other times it can brighten up your darkest of days. No matter how overwhelming their presence can be, I wouldn't trade my twin sisters for anything in the world. Thanks for always adding a little craziness and excitement to my life.

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