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7 Lessons That Changed My View On Life

Life is our greatest teacher no matter who you are or where you go


Looking back from when I was 16 till now, I realized that my life wasn't easy. I never had it good like the other kids- and I am not talking about basic needs like food and shelter. I am talking about family support and mental illness. Many people view having a good childhood as a life where you are fed, clothed, and sheltered, but in all honesty that is only the basic foundation.

Growing up I saw hostility, heartbreak, confusion, and betrayal. When I do see love it does not last long and I would cherish every moment of that love and affection I had because unlike many mothers, my mom would experience moods that can be so unstable.

One day I am the best thing that happened to her and next moment I am nothing but useless and a burden. Another thing that I experienced in life was being in the foster care system for over three years. Although it is not as long as many other kids in the system has been in care, I saw both the good and bad of being in the foster care system.

After seven years, here are 10 things I learned growing up with a difficult childhood.

1. You never know how strong you are

One thing I hate is when some people over admire me for my strength. Don't get my wrong, I love compliments but some people act as if being a strong person is some sort of super power few have. In all honesty many of us are strong in our own way depending on our circumstances. Being strong is a part of life that everyone has to be at some point and no matter how much you try to run from it, life will hunt you down with this lesson no matter who you are.

2. If you don't like something, change it

Life will always have its challenges no matter who you are. At the end of the day you can make the decision to change the life that you are living. It does not matter what you are going through or what you are born into. my logic is that as long as you have that willpower to change your life you are all set to accomplish whatever that is

3. People are in you life for a reason

One of the biggest kicker I experienced is when I realized not everyone is meant to be in your life. Many who had left your life are toxic nine times out of ten. One great thing I learned about life is that is will always be full of people and just like we have a choice to change our situations we also have a choice on whether or not we want to welcome new people into our lives.

4. You cannot change people who does not see an issue with their actions

After my last relationship I realized that as a woman I am not accountable for another person unless that is my own child. I remember trying to help one of my exes find a job (mind you I was 17 with a job And going to school while he was 20, unemployed and sat at home) and at the end of the day all I got were excuses after excuses. I also had an ex who was irresponsible with keeping a job and his family expected me to make sure he stayed on track with his life ( like for real???). After reflecting on both of these relationships I realized that you cannot change someone who does not want to do good with their lives and you deserve to ask for someone who is already within your standards.

5. Forget the mistakes remember the lesson

It took me a while to realize that I am not my mistakes. Years of verbal and emotional abuse had prevented me from loving my flaws but now I realized that my flaws don't define me. Instead they teach me how to be stronger.

6. Stop expecting loyalty from people who cannot give you honesty

Loyalty and honesty goes hand in hand. I realized this when I had to cut off toxic people in my life and afterwards I had realized that they were never loyal to me to begin with if they were never honest with me

7. Replace "why" with "what"

One thing I hate doing is feeling sorry for myself. It was not until later in college when I start to think about how far my struggles had taken me instead of what my struggles had done to me.

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40 Small Things That Make College Students Happy

It doesn't take much...

1. When class is canceled.

2. When the coffee shop you stop at five minutes before your 8 a.m. has a short line.

3. Coffee, coffee, coffee.

4. Open note tests.

5. Or even better, take home tests.

6. The unofficial assigned seating process that that takes place after the first week or so of classes.

7. Thursday nights. (because in college, Thursday qualifies as the weekend.)

8. Sales.

9. Or once again, even better, free things.

10. Specifically free food.

11. Dogs.

12. Dogs on campus.

13. Tailgates and Saturday afternoon football games.

14. Finding an already completed Quizlet for your exam.

15. Having an extra 30 minutes for a nap, and if you're lucky, an hour.

16. Netflix.

17. When your roommate takes out the trash.

18. Weekends after test weeks.

19. The rare blessing of a curve on an exam.

20. Getting out of class early.

21. How in college, it is socially expectable to wear a t-shirt everyday.

22. Being able to walk from class to class or eat in the dining hall without having to see anyone you know. (and thank goodness too because you probably don't look too good.)

23. Crossing things off of your to-do list.

24. Your best-friends that you make in college.

25. A full tank of gas.

26. Seeing a new face everyday.

27. Crawling back into bed after your 8 or 9 a.m. (or after any class that ends with a.m.)

28. Care packages.

29. No cover charges.

30. When adults tell you that it is okay that you have no idea what you want to do with your life yet. (regardless of what parents or your advisor may say.)

31. Pizza.

32. Finding out you weren't the only one who did poorly on the exam.

33. Deciding not to buy the textbook, and never needing it.

34. Finding the perfect gif to express how you're feeling. (Michael Scott just get it.)

35. Weekends at home because...

36. Pets.

37. Mom's home cooked pie and Dad's steak dinners,

38. Spring Break.

39. Road trips.

40. When it finally starts to cool down outside so you can show up to class dry instead of dripping in sweat.

Cover Image Credit: Abigail Wideman

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2019 Is Moving Too Fast, And I Have No Idea What To Do

Time needs to slow down.


Holy damn, we are closing in on almost half the year being over, let that sink in for a second. This 2019 has been a strange one. Alabama loses the national championship, another government shutdown, Tiger Woods winning another major after an 11-year drought, this year has been crazy, and it's moving way too quick.

Seriously, folks, I could remember New Year's like it was a week ago. Also, I am somehow still here, making dismal amounts of money writing for a website that college-aged women dominate while somehow surviving on my last legs, ah what a life.

I have been asking myself, why do I keep writing here, why do I do this to myself? I thought I have written about everything and anything the last (5)! years on this website and I didn't think there couldn't be anything else, but hell, here we go again.

The top two in our writing locations are graduation and a new top two will be in charge of soonish. I will give credit to the two up top here at UCF (you know who you are) for trying to making this more team oriented. All good and all, but after being a lone wolf for over 5 years, I might as well stick to it, not very many friends in my neck of the woods, but what can you do, right?

Here's the thing though, as the year progresses, it's becoming more and more apparent that I should not be writing anymore. For some odd reason, you guys still read my stuff, bravo and brava, I am still surprised you care about my opinion that much because I certainly haven't. I still have over 12K reads per month, and coming from a guy that's nearly not as passionate as I was when I first started this little gig, I am honestly impressed. Trying to produce 500 words on a page when you've sort of lost the passion to write is strange, but you tell yourself to keep going because it's always been this way and I guess 500 more couldn't hurt, right?

So where do we go from here, in the last year of the 2010s? So much as changed since I have joined this website an undergraduate degree ago, and I am not sure if I still have a place here, but considering the views, I guess I still do. Maybe release another controversial opinionated article to get people talking, or an article about puppies because we care about puppies more than humans, who knows at this point. Just like life, I am trying to figure it out just like you folks are, and I have no idea what will come next with myself and this insane website.

Whatever it is, I hope it will be positive because right now it sounds like I am the total opposite of that, but then again, it could be a wake-up call that maybe I should start caring again.

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