How to Feel like You Have Your Life Together
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How to Feel like You Have Your Life Together

You can fool everyone, even yourself

How to Feel like You Have Your Life Together

As college students, we have so many different responsibilities to juggle -- not to mention a social life and sleep (hopefully). It is very easy to feel overwhelmed. We often lose sight of just how far we have come and how much power we actually do have in making our own choices every day. With that, here are a few easy tips on how to feel 100 percent in control of your life:

1. Write everything down.

I mean everything. Make a to-do list. Make a grocery shopping list. Use a calendar on your phone or a paper agenda if you prefer. It's not overkill. You will feel so much more relaxed about everything knowing you do not have to keep it all in your head.

2. Hit the gym.

Or, now that the weather is getting better, head outside for a walk or run. You might think that this is taking away precious time that could be spent hanging out with friends or doing work. But, it will actually make you more productive. Also, endorphins make you happy. Never underestimate the power of that.

3. Limit your time on social media.

Social media is addictive. No doubt about it. But are you actually gaining anything from spending hours scrolling through Instagram, FB, Snapchat, Twitter, etc. every day? Not really. It's fun but it's not that fun.

4. Eat well.

I know from personal experience that eating well and regularly is usually the first thing that flies out the window when we feel stressed or overwhelmed. But, this is so counter-productive. Low blood sugar will make you grouchy and more stressed. Too much caffeine - wired but unable to focus. Sugar - good until the crash happens like 30 minutes later. So, give your body the nutrition it is actually craving. And drink lots of water.

5. Spend time with friends.

Hanging out with people who you can just be yourself around can relax you like nothing else. You can vent all your frustrations and get some advice and perspective. Nothing beats a night-in movie marathon with tons of snacks.

6. Sleep.

In case you haven't heard, sleep is good for you. Like, really, really good. Whenever I've had the worst day, I always try to sleep it off. Chances are you will wake up in the morning with a different perspective.

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