Life Post Graduation

What is life like, when you finally finish all those hard classes, daunting days and long nights? It is adulting for the first time, and let me tell you- it isn't easy. For the first time in your life, you are on your own. Maybe you moved back in with your parents sure, but this is only temporary as very soon you will crave how it felt to have your very own space, whether it was your dorm or your college apartment. For me, I had a college apartment. I was fortunate enough to transition into a new apartment, but for others moving back in with their parents it might not be so easy.

Suddenly, there are real bills to pay. Cell phones, that break and need replacing. Who will you turn to? No one but yourself. Working forty hours a week turns out to be just as daunting as college.

As for friends? Most will drop off the face of the Earth once you become busy with your job and real adult life. I had to find that out the heartbreaking hard way. A bit of advice- don't be surprised. Sometimes others just don't get how you can move away and work so much to support yourself until they have to go through it personally.

Social life? Almost nonexistent. It's all about the money now, and fun will have to be saved for those few precious days off.

Anyways, apologies for not writing much lately. Adulting is proving to be hard.

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