Life From The Perspective Of The 'Quiet Girl'

Life From The Perspective Of The 'Quiet Girl'

An insight into the daily struggles that every "quiet girl" has encountered.

Jazmin Decker

Between the school work, attempting to have a social life, and discovering yourself in this incredible universe, life can be quite challenging. Added on top of that, being labeled as the “quiet girl” can be tough and discouraging. Being an introvert has always played a part in my life. No matter how hard I’ve tried to embrace myself and stand out in crowds, I’ve never been able to actually be one of the louder, more expressive people. Here are a few things that the “quiet girl” experiences on a daily basis.

To begin with, let’s just say that I’m terrible at starting conversations. Starting a conversation with a random stranger or someone that I’m just getting to know really terrifies me. It gives me an incredible amount of anxiety. No, that does not mean I just “don’t talk” or have nothing to say. Trust me, I definitely do. It just takes me a lot longer to build up the courage and the strength to go and actually hold a conversation with that person. Ever since I was little I’ve constantly had the fear of being judged, so meeting new people is a tough task. If you make me feel welcomed and comfortable during our conversation, then more than likely I will open up to you and I won’t have a problem holding a conversation with you. Most of my thoughts and feelings about a situation are processed through my head multiple times before I’m able to even speak a word to anyone about it. I’m often afraid to say anything out of fear that it is going to come off the wrong way, so I have to consider my word choices over and over again until I finally find the right words to say.

Another thing that many people assume is that I’m just weird because I don’t say much or because I don’t enjoy speaking up during class. But trust me, that is definitely not the case. Some people also believe that quiet people are often judgmental and that we believe we are better than everyone else, but I’m here to say that none of these assumptions are true. Just because I’m quiet to those I’m just meeting, doesn’t mean you have the right to judge me or even assume that I am any of these things. Why judge a book by its cover when it’s what’s on the inside that counts?

Being seen as the “quiet girl” my entire life has been considered a bad thing. I’ve constantly been asked “why don’t you just talk?” or I’ve been told to “stop being so awkward.” These are not just a couple of statements and questions that I am able to take lightly. I’ve tried over and over again to be someone who is comfortable with conversations and someone who loves to stand out, but it’s just not who I am. Some people are introverted and have been their entire life. Me? Well, I’m shy, I’m quiet, and I struggle with this on a daily basis. But even through my constant struggle, I am okay with being the “quiet girl” and have accepted it as part of my life. Being the one who has to constantly push herself to go beyond her limits and step out of her comfort zone is who I am, and I am more than okay with that. Not everyone has an outgoing personality. I’ve come to know that many of the quiet ones are able to tell some of the best life stories. Who knows, if everyone would stop judging others and give the “quiet girl” a chance, maybe you’ll be able to meet one of the most incredible people you’ll ever know in your life time. Take a chance, step out of your comfort zone, and embrace the “quiet girl” that you may not usually talk to.

"Quiet people have the loudest minds."
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